Rimadesio Spin Door from DOM Interiors

rimadesio spin dom ints 1 doors

The Spin door collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, offered with a patented exclusive Rimadesio magnetic lock design, reflects a new approach to opening and closing mechanisms. The essence of the Spin design is the rigorous aesthetic concept that is found in all of the items in the collection. The main feature is the handle block that provides a reversible, concealed hinge that makes it possible to reverse the opening direction. Continue reading

Ecolife™ Collection from Green Hides Leather

green hides leather studio 0 surface materials

The beautiful Ecolife™ Collection, one of the few truly ecologically friendly leathers, was developed by Green Hides Leather in collaboration with their partners in Italy. The collection is produced using the most advanced environmentally friendly techniques available in leather production today. The hides are tanned using natural vegetable tanning recipes combined with other water based finishing materials. Continue reading

Natural Stone and Tile from Soli LandSurfaces

limestone tile soli landsurfaces 0 tile stone pavers

The Soli LandSurfaces showroom was specifically developed as a source of natural stone product for landscape architects and hard-scape designers. An outstanding curated assortment of stone product, including custom quarried stone, porphyry, veneers, terra cotta, pavers, tile, ledger stone and reclaimed architectural elements, are offered in a variety of handsome finishes. There is also an exclusive collection of stunning Encaustic tiles offered, for interior and exterior pedestrian areas only. Continue reading

Thrilled Agglomerate Collection from Brix

thrilled agglomerate tile brix 1 tile

The Thrilled tile collection, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Brix, is an agglomerate product comprised of waste marble dust with a binder of polyester resin. The collection was inspired by a dense arrangement of round, smooth pebbles. This is reflected in each 1″ square of the mosaic sheet which contains over 1,700 3D semi-spheres measuring approx .25″ in diameter. Continue reading

Engineered Wood Product from Plexwood

birch wall panels plexwood 0 wood

Plexwood is a handsome, graphic wood-based product line designed for intensive interior application. The plexwood material is strong and durable as a result of the production method employed of layering end grain and straight grain woods. These layered woods create a much stronger material than plain sawn wood and as a result it is possible to use softer production woods for the line. Continue reading

Serenity Wire-mesh Shower Curtain from Cascade Coil

serenity cascade coil 0 bathrooms

Serenity is a new woven wire-mesh shower curtain that offers an attractive alternative to the traditional shower curtain or expensive glass doors. The luxury curtain provides a stunning contrast, whether used with natural stone, tile or with white or black marble, in a bath or spa. Interlocking coils of aluminum are woven together to create a metallic fabric that flexes in one direction that can be gathered to one side, similar to that of a drape. Continue reading

MIXX™ Porcelain Collection from Architectural Systems

mixx porcelain asi 0 tile

The new MIXX Porcelain collection from Architectural Systems is an innovative and authentic-looking quarried stone product. The material, made with recycled content, contains a blend of 36 different natural stone replications for a cool and contemporary aesthetic. The collection is available in planks, with honed or semi-polished finishes in four colors and in a range of three different sizes. Continue reading