bi-color washi Paper Pendant Shades by nendo

bi-color washi  nendo 1+

These delicate looking paper pendant shades were designed by nendo using three dimensional washi. The traditional washi paper is produced by Taniguchi Aoya Washi, the only domestic producer of the paper in Japan. The washi is made by passing mulberry pulp and water through fine screens, allowing the pulp to dry and then peeling it off the screens, thus creating new paper sheets. Continue reading

Decorative 3-Dimensional Wall Panels from Pladec

origami panel pladec 0

Pladec is a new Portugese design and manufacturer of decorative interior wall panels. Their unique MDF panels are three dimensional; some are carved, some are modular and some contain a variety of textural elements as well as continuous patterns. There is a wide choice of panel products to choose from that are available in a range of colors, textures, sizes and finishes. Continue reading

Carimali Wellness Shower from Calflex

carimali shower head cascade calflex 0

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Calflex Srl has launched its innovative Shower Solutions, aimed at recreating a wellness area in the privacy of ones own home. The Carimali shower design integrates hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music devices to make showering a pure pleasure.

carimali shower head cascade calflex 1

The many benefits include improved physical well-being by calming nerves and releasing muscle tensions.


Gild and Glint Metallic Designs from 3form

gild full circle 3form 1

Inspired by the old-world look of metallic foiling, Gild and Glint are two new unique designs with a contemporary twist, introduced by 3form and added to their Full Circle collection. Drawn by the rich heritage of handcraft, color and texture found in Indonesia and in collaboration with local artisans, both designs have to bring an old-world feel to Varia Ecoresin. Continue reading

Cottage Screed, Concrete and Stone Collection from Steuler Fliesen

cottage steuler fliesen 0

Cottage is a new porcelain collection that mixes the rough surface finish of concrete with stone and screed for an attractive and sophisticated look. To compliment the raw look of the basic concrete tiles there are nine delicate, vintage style decorative tiles in the collection. When these embellished tile are combined with the basic tile, they don’t just introduce a counterpoint, they provide an eye catching focal point in a space. Continue reading