Stone Composite Bath Collections from apaiser

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The stunning new Bande collection was designed by Kelly Hoppen MBE in collaboration with apaiser.  The design, featuring her signature style of clean lines and sleek simplicity, was inspired by the Japanese Obi sash used in traditional dress. The bathtub is made of stone composite manufactured from recycled sustainable marble. Origami is another outstanding bath collection from Kelly Hoppen. The design is sophisticated and disciplined creating a zen-like feeling with its minimalist lines. Continue reading →

Ogassian’s Brise Concrete Tile from Ann Sacks

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The grand scale and sculptural expression of the Brise collection stems from Daniel Ogassian’s love of the glass and cinder block designs that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s There are three different patterns in the collection: Japanese Weave Screen Block, Geo Weave Screen Block and Classic Weave Screen Block.

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The deep relief in the tiles provide both a sculptural and modern look that would be perfect for an accent wall. The dimensional tile are approx 12″ x 12″ and are available in white and light grey.

Ann Sacks

Concreate Floor Panels from Concreate USA

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Concreate floor panels are a durable and versatile alternative to traditional floor coverings and conventional poured concrete flooring systems. The panels have an intrinsically cool, brutalist aesthetic of raw concrete and it is the only system of its kind where wood and concrete can be installed side by side with no transition gap. Continue reading →

Asteroid Pendant Lights from Innermost

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The Asteroid pendant light, designed by Koray Ozgen, has a unique geometrical form in which no two of its twenty-four individual faces are identical and no two edge lengths equal. When hung in clusters, the light creates the illusion there are many different shapes, when there is only one. Continue reading →

Equitone Linea Panel Material from Equitone

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The Equitone Linea facade panel material is comprised of a unique 3D through-colored product that plays with light and shadow. It is a fibre cement composite consisting of cement, cellulose and minerals, and the surface of Linea displays the raw inner texture of the core material. With every change of the sun’s angle the facade material has a different aspect. Continue reading →

Dessiner Artisan Collection from Ann Sacks

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This expressive porcelain collection, designed by the French artist Inga Sempe, takes its cue from classic hand painted tiles. The playful designs in the neutral color palette of greys, blues and creams provide both elegance and whimsy for any modern or traditional design. Continue reading →

Dimensioni Marble and Glass Collection from New Ravenna

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This latest collection from New Ravenna captures the unique textures of Italy with strong geometry and organic fluidity. The three outstanding dimensional designs have been inspired by the country’s urban and natural landscapes. Both the Coliseum and Città designs pay homage to the heritage of handcrafted stone and have been created in Calacatta marble. Continue reading →