QUARTZIA® Countertop Material from Levantina

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Levantina, a worldwide leader in the natural stone industry, combines natural quartz with high technology to create QUARTZIA® a beautiful compact quartz surface material. Composed of 93% quartz and produced in a wide range of colors, it is hygienic and highly resistant to stains, scratches, abrasion, acids, oils and liquids. Continue reading

Textured Wall Tile Collection from Cancos

textured sea cancos 1

This handsome Textured tile collection is from Cancos Tile and Stone, a family owned and operated company, based in Long Island. The collection is a white bodied glazed ceramic wall tile produced two styles, Textured Sea and Textured Brick. Both styles are available in Red, Black and White colorways; however, Brick has the added option of Gold and Platinum by special order. Continue reading

Sakura Handpainted Tile Series from Fireclay Tile

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The latest introduction from Fireclay Tile is Sakura, a brand new handpainted tile collection. The series, handmade in California, features twelve organic and contemporary patterns inspired by iconic Japanese landscapes.

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The tile are made with a 70% recycled clay body and depending on the pattern is available in 8″ x 8″ and 6″ x 12″. The serene nature of these patterns would complement a range of residential and commercial environments.

dragonflies and uni mt fireclay 2

They are ideal for focal wall installations, kitchen backsplashes, baths and floors. The first image features River Rock, Brook and Tortoise Shell patterns. the second Ginko and Cypress and the third Dragonflies and Uni Mountain.

Fireclay Tile

Belgian Linen from Deltracon

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This beautiful Belgian Linen is from Deltracon, a small linen weaver in Flanders, the heart of the world’s linen production. Carrying age-old craftsmanship forward, this weaver’s goal is to always offer an original and innovative product, of the highest quality using flax. Continue reading

Towel Warmers from Amba Products

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An Amba Towel Warmer is a great choice not just for residential bathrooms, but also spas, pool houses, mudrooms, laundry rooms and even boats. The warmers not only help keep bathrooms warm, but also helps to keep them dry and mold and mildew free. There is a wide range of stainless steel towel warmers available from Amba in different styles, sizes and finishes. Continue reading

Mosa Elemental Bathroom Series from Mosa

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Mosa Elements is a brand new bathroom fixture series created to compliment the company’s tile line and to offer a fully integrated bathroom environment. There are two washbasins available – TopCube and MonoCube – along with a high-performance shower drain – created in the style of the company’s successful Terra Maestricht floor and wall tiles. Continue reading