Badajoz Cement Tile Kitchen Flooring from Granada Tile

Badajoz Cement Tile Jolts a Kitchen from Granada Tile 0 tile

Granada Tile’s Badajoz graphic cement tile was selected for this stunning kitchen remodel, of a 1926 condo, by the design team at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Located in a 1926 historic Portland, Oregon, condominium building, the project involved a major re-imagining of the space. The firm, with project manager Em Shephard leading the way, removed a wall between a narrow galley kitchen, with just one window, and an adjacent family room, to create an expansive and dynamic room. Continue reading

Walking the High Line Fabric Collection from Sina Pearson

walking on the high line sina pearson 0 textiles

Walking the High Line is a handsome new group of textiles from Sina Pearson, the designer and owner of her namesake firm. The collection is inspired by the High Line, an elevated park on the west side of Manhattan, and tells a tale of modernism, landscape and city skylines. The new group features four geometric patterns in a total of 21 colorways that evoke the views Sina experienced on the High Line. Continue reading

Reclaimed River Wood from Sinker Treasures

cypress pine outdoor flooring sinker treasures 0+ wood

This good looking wood decking material is Sinker Cypress and Pine, produced from old growth logs that were axe cut from virgin forests in the early 1800′s. On their way to the sawmills, the logs sank in the rivers, bayous, creeks and swamps, in the southern regions of the U.S. Completely submerged and preserved, they are now being recovered and sawn into lumber for historic restoration and new construction. Continue reading

Shipping Container Wall Tile from clé Tile

shipping container tile cle 0 tile

These unique and rugged wall tile, made from recycled shipping containers, are available from clé Tile. The tiles are designed and handcrafted by the artist John Whitmarsh, best known in the architectural field for his custom murals. Much of the material used, such as pallets, scrap metals and more surprisingly from asphalt and even telephone poles, has been reclaimed or salvaged. Continue reading