Cement Tile, a modern collection from clé tile

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Cement Tile from clé tile is a modern interpretation of the handmade classic used for centuries throughout the world. The historic tile has been re-imagined in this stunning collection by Deborah Osburn, the founder and creative director of clé. Each tile is made one at time, with layers of concrete and pigmented cement poured into metal molds, then pressed and cured. The extensive collection, made up of over 150 new patterns and shapes in 50 silky matte colors, offers endless options for customization. Continue reading

Decorative Metal Panels from Parasoleil

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This unique line of architectural metal panels has been developed by Parasoleil for shade covers, partitions, privacy screens, railing inserts as well as exterior cladding. When the panels are used for shade canopies or for screening, they not only filter and sculpt light with beautiful filigree patterns, but also increase air circulation. Continue reading

Decorative Metal Laminated Panels from Pure Paper

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In collaboration with the French company Ober, Patrick Norguet has designed a new collection of decorative metal laminated panels enriching the Pure Paper line. Comprised of laminated paper and metal, the panels are textured geometric designs in subtle monochromes. The color palette is composed of brass tones, stainless, pewter or gunmetal and available in brushed, glossy or milled finishes, depending on the color. Continue reading

RG Glass Brights Terrazzo Tile from Fritztile

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The RG Glass Collection from FritzTile embraces the style and texture of traditional terrazzo with natural stone chips and recycled glass set in an opaque inert resin. The collection has the same resilience and flexibility characteristics as all the other tile in their line as well as low life-cycle costs and low maintenance needs even in high traffic areas. Building on the established terrazzo line, FritzTile recently added 20 new vibrant colorways: white rock mingles with glass in hues ranging from carbon black and teal to ruby and citron yellow. Continue reading