Decorative, Sustainable and Reclaimed Paneling from Stikwood

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Stikwood paneling is a decorative Peel & Stick solid wood planking available in a variety of looks from contemporary to rustic. The sustainable and reclaimed wood is an innovative, economical and environmentally responsible way to transform any space quickly.

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There are sixteen finishes that include woods with the rich tones of black cherry to choose from. The thin planks are lightweight, do not contain any VOCs and are available with a Class A fire treatment. Not only is the paneling perfect for a residential DIY project, it would also be an excellent choice for certain commercial interior design projects.


O2 BAMBOO from Hardwoods Specialty Products

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This series of Bamboo from Hardwoods Specialty is named for one of the plant’s most amazing attributes: it’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and create oxygen or “02”. In fact the leafy canopy of bamboo produces up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. The 02 Bamboo is sourced from the best veneer and plywood mill in China and is available through the company’s stocking program in both Canada and the U.S. Continue reading

Cork & Felt by Danskina from Maharam

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As beautiful as it is practical, the innovative Cork & Felt rug designed by Danskina’s Hella Jongerius, combines two materials that are not seen together on the floor. The warmth and color of new wool felt mixed with the natural cork has produced a rug with a comfortable hominess to it. Arranged side by side the colored lines of felt and cork produce an interesting rhythm of textural stripes. Continue reading

Unique Natural Paints from Sidney Paint Company

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Sydney Harbour Paint Company offers unique, durable and easy to apply wall finishes for both interior and exterior environments. Made by hand by Porter’s Paints based in Australia, the artisan paints are still hand made by traditional methods and to original formulations. The paints and finishes have been created to ensure beautiful texture and depth of color, whether inside or outside the home and regardless of style. The company also has been an industry innovator in the development of special finishes, especially their metallic range. Continue reading