Textured Solar Window Fabrics from Kova Textiles

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The Kova Textile line is a uniquely textured solar window fabric produced with vinyl coated polyester yarns and KovaLux proprietary filaments. Inspired by her family’s crystal collection, the company’s founder, Libby Kowalski, researched and patented a water-clear polymer yarn that can be used commercially. When light passes through the fabric, it seems to dissolve into a diaphanous surface that is sheer, not quite transparent and translucent, but not opaque. Continue reading

Glass and Stone Tile Collections from Lunada Bay Tile

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Stone & Pewter Accents recently changed their name to Lunada Bay Tile as a result of their expanded product line. The original line, which consisted primarily of stone, now includes a wide variety of material ranging from ceramic, glass and slate to pewter and wood. There is also an online Pewter catalog with an extensive selection of beautiful 2”, 3” and 4” square and rectangular tile, as well as a wide range of borders and trim. Continue reading

Teardrop Glass from Nathan Allan

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The Teardrop designed glass, from Nathan Allan’s Freeform Series, was created by artisans using confidential kiln-forming methods. The glass has been formed with deep dimensional patterns without texture that provides clarity for excellent light transmission while still maintaining privacy. There is a choice of eleven patterns that can be viewed from either side making the panels a perfect choice for partitions or dividing walls. Continue reading

Seacork Decking from Seacork

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Seacork is a cork composite developed for heavy-duty light-weight use, primarily for marine environments. The composite, composed of 90 to 95% natural cork and 5 to 10% polyurethane with a little cork powder added, is produced under compression. The polyurethane closes any micro-pores producing a strong completely waterproof material, that also resists dirt and has a long life. Continue reading

Clima-Tite™ Translucent Panel Wall Systems from Major Skylights

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The Clima-Tite wall system from Major Skylights contains framing members made with pultruded fiberglass that provides enhanced thermal performance. The material has low thermal conductivity, is corrosion resistant and has high impact resistance. Fiberglass is an environmentally sound material as it requires less energy to manufacture than aluminum and the main ingredient is silica sand, an abundant natural material. There are other advantages over aluminum that include dimensional stability and added protection from temperature differentials and condensation. Continue reading