“Glass Drop Table” Lamp from Foscarini

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The “Glass Drop Table” is one of the newest designs by the Diesel creative team for Foscarini. The inspiration for the design came from a drop of red-hot molten glass just before it takes shape. The design, created with a timeless raw material, mouth blown glass and a high-tech process, gives the lamp a chromed aluminum, decorative mirror effect. Continue reading

Opulent, Organic, Sensual and Sustainable Textiles from O Ecotextiles

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The fibers spun, woven and dyed in Italy for these beautiful textiles, by Emily Todhunter for O Ecotextiles, have been certified by Oeko-Tex to Standard 100. The Ideal Upholstery Collection is a classic workhorse with a lustrous look and a soft hand. It is woven with 33% hemp, 21% ramie and 27% organic cotton, in a width of 57″ and is available in 16 colorways. The Ultimate Floppy Linen Collection is woven with “Luscious Linen”, a 100% long fiber linen grown in northern Italy without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Continue reading

Artisan Glass and Aluminum Pendants from Hennepin Made

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Independent glass design studio, Hennepin Made, presents the Parallel Series, a collection of clean, modern pendant light fixtures made of hand blown glass and spun aluminum. The glass is blown in Hennepin’s Minneapolis studio and the spun aluminum is sourced from experienced local craftsmen. The components are then hand-fitted to create a truly beautiful light that can be used anywhere. Continue reading

Sculptural Textiles from Anne Kyyro Quinn

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Created by the Anne Kyyrö Quinn studio, these contemporary interior textiles are based on three-dimensional structure, rather than smooth surface ornamentation. The textures are inspired by the natural world to bridge the gulf between the urban interior and the natural landscape. Cut, sewn and finished by hand, the studio’s unique choice of luxury natural fabrics are crafted into interior textiles designed to harmonize timelessly with any setting. Continue reading

Patch Acoustic Panels from StokkeAustad

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These outstanding acoustic panels were created by the Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad design studio, based in Oslo, Norway. Patch is a series of graphically designed panels comprised of several different textiles from the textile producer Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk. Each panel is enhanced with additional materials, such as mirrors, brass and Norwegian stone. Continue reading