Equitone Linea Panel Material from Equitone

equitone linea 0

The Equitone Linea facade panel material is comprised of a unique 3D through-colored product that plays with light and shadow. It is a fibre cement composite consisting of cement, cellulose and minerals, and the surface of Linea displays the raw inner texture of the core material. With every change of the sun’s angle the facade material has a different aspect. Continue reading →

Dessiner Artisan Collection from Ann Sacks

Dessiner ann sacks 0

This expressive porcelain collection, designed by the French artist Inga Sempe, takes its cue from classic hand painted tiles. The playful designs in the neutral color palette of greys, blues and creams provide both elegance and whimsy for any modern or traditional design. Continue reading →

Dimensioni Marble and Glass Collection from New Ravenna

coliseum new ravenna 0

This latest collection from New Ravenna captures the unique textures of Italy with strong geometry and organic fluidity. The three outstanding dimensional designs have been inspired by the country’s urban and natural landscapes. Both the Coliseum and Città designs pay homage to the heritage of handcrafted stone and have been created in Calacatta marble. Continue reading →

Addiction Wallcovering Collection by Paola Navone from NLXL

pno-01 & pno-02 nlxl 0

This wallcovering collection from Paola Navone contains eight patterns, inspired by her taste and forms of the West and all colored in her favored color blue. Blue is a color the designer uses frequently and is found in many of the collections she has designed. The patterns in this series contains her logo and a large fish representing her astrological sign of Pisces. The beautiful big fish is three meters high and meant as a one-off in the middle of a wall. Continue reading →

Coral Pendant Lights from Arturo Alvarez

coral pendant lamp arturo alvarez 0

This lovely series of pendant lights has a distinctly organic look bringing to mind the beauty and richness of coral reefs. The lights are made with SIMETECH®, a handmade stainless steel mesh and silicone material, developed and patented in 2014 by Arturo Alvarez. The material is extremely malleable and moldable making it possible to create large volumes with different textures and light capacities. Continue reading →

Watershed Block from Watershed Materials

recycled bldg blocks watershed mats 0

Watershed Materials, with the help of the National Science Foundation, has developed the Watershed Block, an innovative masonry unit that provides an alternative to conventional concrete masonry with significant environmental performance. The Block combines all the beauty and performance of ordinary building blocks while using only half the amount of cement. Continue reading →

Recycled Rubber Flooring from Ecore Commercial Flooring

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Ecore has been manufacturing recycled rubber flooring products for more than 25 years. Every year they resource 50 million pounds of recycled rubber to manufacture flooring, acoustical and industrial products. Always using the highest quality recycled rubber and premium quality binders they are able to stand behind all of their products. Now after four years of R & D the company has launched their patent-pending Itstru Technology. Continue reading →