Blazestone Recycled Glass Tile from Bedrock Industries

Blazestone tiles are crafted entirely from post-industrial and post-consumer glass; there are no added additional oxides or colorants. Each tile is handmade from unique combinations of glass that give the Bedrock tile their distinctive appearance and subtle color variation.

Industrial plate glasses, tempered window and door glass and consumer bottles are each individually collected and processed into glass sands, or frit. The frit is then specifically combined and fused together to create the unique colorways of this tile. The collections of tile offered are: Classic Glossy Finish, Classic Matt Finish and the Watercolor Series.

The company also offers Glass Curtain material, Tumbled Glass for gardens and walkways and a Gift and Garden Line with items made of fused glass with integral hooks (example pictured is Nazar evil eye garden ornaments).

Bedrock Industries