Terrart-Light Cladding from NBK Terracotta

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Providing both medium and small-format elements, this lightweight terra-cotta product is ideal for the renovation and reconstruction of a building’s facade. The innovative new ventilated curtain wall/rainscreen system is custom sized per specification, attractively priced and provides a quick and cost-effective installation. The facade tiles are available in natural or grooved finishes, as well as in a wide selection of standard and custom colors. Continue reading

Sabi Cladding Recycled Wood from Windfall Lumber

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Windfall Lumber’s new Sabi Cladding series was inspired by the beauty of aged wood and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. The FSC Certified Recycled cladding is made from reclaimed Douglas fir and hemlock beams recovered from deconstructed buildings in the Pacific Northwest. The unrefined simplicity of the wood is emphasized with a palette drawn from blacks, grays, whites and earth tones. Continue reading

Windfall Color Cladding from Windfall Lumber

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Drawing inspiration from the rhythms of nature and human spirit, Windfall Color Cladding is the result of a fresh new collaboration with YOLO Colorhouse. The product brings a lively palette of twelve saturated hues that enhance the natural texture and warmth of the wood grain. It is made from Windfall Lumber’s reclaimed Wall Cladding series combined with premium, zero VOC interior paint from YOLO Colorhouse. Continue reading

Composite Metal Panels from Pac-Clad

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The Composite Wall Panels from Pac-Clad combine unmatched performance with a product that not only provides design flexibility, but is visually very attractive. There are three panel types offered, the PAC-3000 CS, the PAC-3000 RS and the PAC-3000 AP. The PAC-3000 CS is comprised of an 020 face and back skin thermobonded to a polyethylene or fire-retardant core. Each panel can be individually installed and adjusted with staggered angle clips mounted to them. The PAC-3000 RS is a rain screen system constructed of an aluminum composite material with clean reveals eliminating the need for caulk. Continue reading

Protect Metal Cladding from Rheinzink

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The Protect line of metal cladding by Rheinzink was developed to combat harsh microclimate conditions such as found in coastal and tropical zones. The pre-patinated metal cladding, sealed with a transparent coating, is composed of zinc, titanium and copper. It is available in four thicknesses and coil with sheet widths up to 39-1/2″ in blue-grey or 27-1/2″ in graphite-grey. Continue reading