Elemix Concrete Additive from Syntheon Inc

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The Elemix concrete additive from Syntheon is made of engineered lightweight synthetic particles that disperse evenly throughout a concrete mix. The particles replace the volume and weight from normal and lightweight aggregate to create mid to lightweight structural concrete. Recent studies have shown that Elemix improves resistance to cracking and fire as well as adding durability to freeze-thaw. Continue reading

Sirewall Rammed Earth System from Sirewall Inc

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The ancient rammed earth processes have been updated by Sirewall Inc to create a complete wall system with the strength and beauty of sedimentary sandstone. The walls are produced with a custom-engineered mix of local soils and Portland cement, tamped down and reinforced with rebar. The inner and outer earthen walls contain 4″ of rigid insulation to create 18″ to 24″ thick walls with a minimum R-value of 29. Continue reading

fibreC Cladding In African Colors from Rieder

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fibreC,  which is also referred to “concrete skin” from Rieder,  has won many international architectural awards.  The product is a concrete panel reinforced with fiberglass that results in a high-strength, thin, flexible, light-weight and mold-able concrete material.  The concrete matrix is manufactured with only high-grade pure minerals and integral iron oxide colors.  Continue reading

Insulated Structural Wall System from Omni Block

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Omni Block is a sustainable, insulated “stand-alone” structural wall system that is energy efficient and easy-to-install. The block is a patented insulated cementitious masonry unit combining the benefits of indigenous aggregates and Expanded Polystyrene. It does not require furring strips, additional insulation, or sheet rock to complete the wall, even though numerous finishes may be added for aesthetic purposes. Continue reading

Fibre Cement Sheeting from Marley Eternit


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Fibre cement Profiled Sheeting from Marley Eternit covers a wide variety of sectors from commercial and residential to agricultural. Buildings located near coastal locations pose a number of special challenges as faced by Sens Architects when they were commissioned to renovate a 1940’s bungalow on the Hampshire coast.They selected the Profile 3 sheeting for its ease of handling and suitability for small structures. The sheeting is completely weatherproof, reduces condensation, does not rot, has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic properties and is highly cost effective.  Continue reading