Cast Concrete Countertops from Lowinfo

tavistock custom cast conc ct lowinfo 0 countertops

Specified by a London based architect for his kitchen, this outstanding polished concrete kitchen countertop with undermount sink, was produced by Lowinfo. The company is a leader in the design and manufacture of contemporary concrete products specializing in both traditional and glass reinforced concrete. Using their lightweight core technology, they are able to cast concrete worktops with extra thick profiles that maintain a monolithic block look, while keeping the weight down and reducing the carbon footprint of the material. Continue reading

Curava Recycled Glass Slabs from Arizona Tile

arctic ice curava az tile 0 countertops

The Curava recycled glass slabs from Arizona Tile are one of the most environmentally friendly surface materials available. The slabs are comprised of 60% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled glass, collected from landfills and other sources, combined with 31% quartz and 9% resin. This product is the only recycled glass slab on the market that is available in 3/4” slabs. Continue reading

Apple Martini Quartz Countertop from Caesarstone US

apple martini caesarstone 450x282 surface materials countertops

Apple Martini is a new 2013 color added to the Classico Collection from the innovative team from Ceasarstone. It is composed of 93% natural quartz, does not need to be sealed, is resistant to stains, scratches, moderate heat and is a low maintenance material with high style. The quartz surfaces have the cool tactile quality of natural stone, with aggregates ranging from fine to coarse-grained color blends for varied texture.  Continue reading

Elements: Scientifically Engineered Material from Durcon

linen elements durcon 0 450x273 surface materials countertops

The Elements by Durcon™collection is a new residential product line introduced by Durcon and named for its scientifically proven background as well as its Eco-friendly properties. The proprietary material is a fusion of pure, fine natural quartz and post-consumer recycled glass that has resulted in a highly polished, luxurious and sustainable surface product. The virtually indestructible countertop surface has been designed specifically for residential use with a timeless design aesthetic featured in twelve earth tone colors with custom matches available. Continue reading

Natural Lavastone Collection from Made a Mano

aqua lavastone sink madeamano 0 450x300 tile countertops bathroom fixtures

Made a Mano combines ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques to create a stunning collection of  tiles, countertops and sinks. Their collections are made with natural lavastone and terracotta and are worked, glazed and decorated completely by hand. For many years lavastone has been used in the building industry; however, since the glazing process has been developed the material is now suitable for walls, floors, countertops, sinks, swimming pools, etc. Continue reading

Campground Blue Pine from Sustainable Northwest Wood

blue pine flg installed snw wood 0 450x300 wood flooring countertops

Campground Blue Pine is a unique and beautiful material for flooring, wall and ceiling paneling and furniture. It can be any species of pine tree that acquires a natural blue stain after being infected by the Mountain Pine Beetle. These beetles are infecting forests in the American West at epidemic rates with Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine the dominant evergreen species being affected. Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to partner with small mills that are salvaging beetle-killed pine trees from public parks and campgrounds where the dead standing trees pose a risk to human users. Continue reading