Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Terra Legno

charcoal walnut terra legno 0 450x300 wood flooring

Terra Legno is not only one of the finest engineered hardwood flooring products on the market it is also one of the most beautiful.  Engineered wood flooring is no longer offered in a limited number of wood species, but after years of research and technology it is now available in a range of product with all the strength, stability, warmth and beauty of solid hardwood. The company manufactures their product through a process using younger and smaller trees rather than old growth hardwoods. Continue reading

Stellar Series HDP Tile from Florida Tile

stellar florida tile 0 450x288 tile flooring

The Stellar series from Florida Tile is a high definition porcelain through body floor and wall tile containing 40% recycled content. The contemporary design makes a bold statement with an earthy industrial color palette in cool tones. The surface of the tile is smooth with a depth of color and the appearance of stained concrete with a dull metallic element. There are four colorways offered that are a mix of Light, Medium and Dark Grey along with a rich Rust Brown. Continue reading

Tiger Oak Floor Collection from mafi

brushed tiger oak violet mafi 0 450x281 wood flooring

Oak is certainly one of the most hard wearing and popular woods available in the flooring marketplace. The surface of the wood can be free of knots or very lively with large knots and cracks depending on the grade with natural color that varies from almost white to almost black. The fine cracks, running through the elegant wood are highlighted in an unconventional way in the beautiful mafi Tiger Oak Floor Collection. Continue reading

Reclaimed and FSC Sourced Flooring from Mountain Lumber

harvest walnut flooring mt lumber 0 wood flooring

Mountain Lumber is one of the pioneers in reclaiming antique wood from old buildings. For almost 40 years they have recycled this wood to create some of the finest antique and custom wood flooring in the world. Every piece of reclaimed wood milled is hand-selected for its richness in history, character and beauty before their experienced craftsmen de-nail, saw and kiln dry each board. Continue reading

Oceana: Contemporary Collection from Original Mission Tile

serene sailboat oceana orig tile 450x225 tile flooring concrete

Oceana is a new 2013 contemporary cement tile collection from Original Mission Tile. There are nine charming designs with the sea as inspiration in the 8” x 8” tiles with a choice of sixty colors available from the color palette. All the cement tiles are handmade and built with three layers of material to produce a compact and waterproof, unglazed tile that has the ability to withstand high compressive loads. Continue reading

ProBase Floor Underlayments from Impacta-Regupol

tmpacta regupal underlayment 450x276 flooring

The Impacta-Regupol ProBase Series of floor underlayments have been designed to reduce impact noise in the floor ceiling assembly. They are GreenCircle certified for their composition of recycled polyurethane foam and cork granules. The materials are crush resistant, durable and provide excellent acoustic performance under wood, tile and vinyl flooring. Continue reading

Custom and Classic Tile from California Pottery & Tile Works

california pottery and tile works 450x313 tile flooring

California Pottery & Tile Works (CPTW) was established in 1994 primarily to continue the tradition of California tile making and decoration perfected by the Malibu and Catalina Potteries in the early 20th century. They have efficient production capacity in the US and Mexico enabling them to produce large and small custom jobs for both residential and commercial projects. Their custom work includes historical reinterpretations of classic designs, producing exquisite Persian, Islamic, Saracen, Spanish Colonial and  Mayan designs as well as the classic floral designs of the early California potteries.

California Pottery & Tile Works