Bamboo Kiln-fired Handmade Glass from Meltdown Glass

bamboo pattern meltdown glass1 450x315 glass

Meltdown Glass Art Design,  located in Tempe, AZ, has been a top producer of kiln-fired glass  manufacturing specialty decorative glass for architecture, interiors, and fine art for over 20 years . The company offers hand-made glass, ranging from simple textures to custom works of art with over 30 standard glass textures and unlimited potential for custom designs. The maximum panel size is 84″ x 144″, the largest cast-glass panel size available in North America. The glass can be manufactured clear or in color, is certified safety rated and can be tempered or laminated. The applications for the glass are almost limitless not only for residential projects, but also for commercial installations. Continue reading

Textile Line of Laminated Glass Panels from Carvart

designtex sheer textiles laminated glass carvart 450x300 glass

Textile is a line of curated sheer fabrics in collaboration with Designtex.® and Carvart, a creative solutions company specializing in turnkey architectural glass products and hardware systems. The Textile line is made of translucent fabric laminated between two clear, low-iron glass lites. The product beautifully captures the sensory interaction between glass and light through the visual effects of transparency and reflection as well as veiling a space in color. The 05 Textile collection is available in 12 colorways and eight transparencies, in several thicknesses up to 72″ wide by 128″ High. Continue reading

Olivia Cast Glass from Joel Berman Glass Studios

olivia showroom wall jberman glass 1 450x299 glass

Olivia is a three-dimensional kiln-cast glass panel from the Joel Berman Glass Studios. The design has a pattern of inter-laid circles with protruding forms in opposing directions taking inspiration from the bulbous shape of heat formed glass. The panels are made of a clear float glass with a reflective surface and are available in a range of sizes up to 53″ W and 108″H with thicknesses of 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″. Continue reading

KiloLux Monolithic Glass Block from iGP

Kilolux Innovative Glass Products 3 450x305 glass

The KiloLux glass block product from Innovative Glass was originally designed and patented in 1999 for the Wales Millennium Centre in England. Since then it has been used in interior and exterior applications in various shapes and colors. It can be produced with various glass types, generally soda lime float glass or Low Iron float glass. Continue reading