Kitchen Fireplace from Effeti USA

fireplace bbq effeti 0i kitchens heating and cooling

This handsome fireplace from Effeti, made of black painted Corten steel, brings an element of sophistication as well as function to the kitchen. The versatile design re-imagines the domestic hearth as the fireplace can also be used to barbeque with charcoal or wood. At the back of the unit, there is a fold down cast iron plate that provides a cooking surface for making breads or pizza. Continue reading

Ventilator Fan from Serien Lighting

serien ltg ventilator fan 0 450x309 heating and cooling

The Ventilator ceiling fan was designed by Manfred Wolf in the 1980′s for Serien Lighting and has become a company classic. Inspired by the structure of the windmill and the principle of the fan combined to produce a structure and shape that is as obvious as it is transparent. The straight blades consist of a fine steel frame with transparent foil inserted and although they appear quite weightless they are extremely efficient. Continue reading

LAVA® Radiant Heating Panels from WarmlyYours

heated mirror warmly yours 0 450x283 heating and cooling

The LAVA® heating panels from WarmlyYours are based on the principle of solar radiation. The infrared heating systems emit rays that are safely and gently absorbed in your home without producing carbon combustion or circulating dust laden air. The LAVA® Mirror is a great addition to the bath providing a dual benefit of mirror plus heating the room. Continue reading

Vivo 80 Pellet Fireplace Stoves from MCZ

vivo 80 firelace stove mcz 0 450x286 heating and cooling

MCZ offers a complete range of fireplace stoves that can provide a healthy, inexpensive and clean heat source for your home. The pellet-burning closed fireplace with the Alutec combustion chamber, has minimal styling to enhance the appeal of the cladding in any interior décor. Fitted with a pellet tank and a  filling system that can be positioned either at the front or on the side. Continue reading

Portable Fireplaces from Conmoto

roll fire conmoto 0 450x298 heating and cooling

The Roll Fire designed by Sieger Design for Conmoto radiates an independent heat to provide an all-over warmth wherever it is installed. As the Roll Fire rolls around it balances a stainless steel tank mounted on roller bearings. There are two transparent glass panes held in place by magnets on each side of the body for easy fueling of the bio-ethanol. There is an optional wall bracket available which can also be used to secure the Roll Fire to the floor. Continue reading

LoftWing Ceiling Fan from LoftWing

loftwing 01 450x290 heating and cooling

Inspired by the Indian Punkah fans the LoftWing ceiling fan is perfect for lofts, large residential rooms, restaurants and other high ceiling spaces. With it’s high quality motor the 9′-6″ x 4′-6″ fabric wing fan creates a gentle and natural breeze, quietly and economically. The fabric covered framework is made of high strength carbon fiber rods and a quality German geared motor powers the mechanism. Continue reading