Spokes Pendant Light from Foscarini

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Spokes is a new pendant lamp designed by Garcia Cumini Associati that Foscarini presented during Milan Design Week 2014. The design of the lamp was inspired by antique lanterns and aviaries;however it was named after the designers observed the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The body of the lamp is composed of bent metal rods that hide both the LED bulb and the power cable. Continue reading

Mori LED Pendant Lights from Rich Brilliant Willing

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The lovely Mori pendant collection, from the Brooklyn based studio of Rich Brilliant Willing, was created using a multi-step process. Reminiscent of Japanese lanterns, the collection is named after a silk moth and is made of a webbed nylon skin stretched over a crossed wire framework. A matte white lacquer is then sprayed over the fabric to coat and seal the fibers creating a durable cocoon-like shaped shade. Continue reading