Specialty Paints and Finishes from Sydney Harbor Paints

instant rust shpaints 0 paints and coatings

The Sydney Harbor Paint Company provides unique finishes with beautiful texture and depth of color for both interior and exterior applications. Using only the finest of raw materials, the paints are made by hand by their parent company, Porter’s Paints, based in Australia. The company is an industry leader in the development of special finishes, especially their stunning metallic range. An authentic rusted iron effect can be created with Liquid Iron and Instant Rust (first image). Continue reading

Grandezza Metal Spatula Wall Coatings from Volimea

grandezza brass volmea 0 surface materials paints and coatings

The Antique Brass wall finish from Volimea is the newest addition to their Grandezza Metal Spatula series. The decorative metallic coatings are applied with diverse spatula techniques to create either smooth or textured effects on interior walls and ceilings. The antique brass look is achieved by applying a basic spatula in thin, long and smooth strokes.  When dry the entire surface is coated with steel spatula and on the following day the brass is added as an activator, in a 3:1 mix. Continue reading

The 2014 Neutral Palette from Benjamin Moore

breath of fresh air color of the year benjamin moore paints and coatings

According to Benjamin Moore there is a shift away from grays to tints of blues, greens, lavenders and pinks. Drawing from the latest color trends in art, fashion, and interior design, this innovative palette provides a whole new base of harmonious hues to work with. The new 23 color pastel palette has been softened and filtered to flatter art and possessions while making a room seem happy. Continue reading

Natural Japanese Wall Finishes from Habitus

rake waru jukaru bark habitus 450x225 paints and coatings

The traditional Wara Juraku & White Sand Textured Japanese wall finishes are composed of the time-honored natural materials of sand, straw and clay. These finishes provide an ideal alternative to paint or wallpaper as they offer a green alternative that is non-toxic, seamless, durable, and healthy. The authentic sand texture can be troweled smooth to the touch or made textured using various trowel techniques. Continue reading

Clear Skies and Lime Prime from Earthpaint

clear skies and lime prime earthpaint paints and coatings

The Clear Skies paint product is made with fresh Georgia clay and pure non toxic acrylic resin with no co-polymers or vinyl. It is a zero VOC, healthy and sustainable paint with a durable finish that will leave a room smelling fresh and clean. The paint can be used on the exterior as well as the interior and is an excellent choice for residential, commercial or industrial applications. Before painting interior surfaces with Clear Skies the Lime Prime product should be used to prime the walls. Continue reading

New System + 250 New Colors from Benjamin Moore

new system + 250 new colors ben moore 500x321 paints and coatings

The new paint collection from Benjamin Moore is inspired by nature, the senses, moments in time, found objects and imagination; now a personal color story can be created. The nine palettes in the collection contain 240 hues of full-spectrum colors that have been achieved by combing five to seven pigments instead of the usual three and by omitting black and gray tints as fillers. Continue reading

Natural Paints, Plasters and Wood Finishes from Unearthed Paints

vega paint unearthed paints 1 500x240 paints and coatings

All of the paints, plasters and wood finishes from Unearthed Paints are vegan and are based on recipes that have been successfully used the world over for thousands of years. Natural paints are paints that are made with raw ingredients such as clay, chalk, marble and earth and mineral pigments. The materials are biodegradable, are the healthiest, are breathable and can contribute to a positive room climate. Continue reading