BuzziFalls Decorative Space Divider from BuzziSpace

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Making it’s debut at ICFF in New York this May is the BuzziFalls space divider, which is both an elegant art piece and sound dampening solution in one. Its myriad patterns reference nature, with concepts like trees and leaves cut into BuzziFelt, as well as more contemporary graphic patterns. Designed primarily to tackle open-floor plan design problems, it can serve as a decorative room divider or be hung in front of a wall, acting as dimensional wallpaper with acoustical properties. Continue reading

Striata and Striata Fusion Wood Panels from Torzo Surfaces

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Torzo’s new interior architectural wood panel, Striata, emphasizes unique beauty and durability, while maintaining a clear focus on responsible sustainability. The Striata panels are manufactured in Oregon using 100% premium SFI certified Pacific Northwest Douglas fir from regionally harvested trees. The wood panels are available in two design options: Striata and Striata Fusion.

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Striata is easily fabricated and is offered in a natural wood tone that can be custom stained and finished in a variety of color/glass combinations. Striata Fusion uses the Striata fir panel as a substrate, and the exclusive TorZo Surfaces acrylic infusion process transforms the wood panel into an interior surfacing material suitable for high traffic and demanding installations.

Striata Fusion Tabletop, Natural torzo 1

The striking organic pattern of Striata Fusion comes to life through the company’s palette of eight distinctive colors comprised of four neutral tones, including: Cocoa, Copper, Onyx and Natural; as well as premium vibrant tones: Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire and Turquoise. Both the Striata and Striata Fusion panels provide an outstanding interior surfacing material that is suitable for a wide range of vertical, horizontal, and specialty applications.

Torzo Surfaces

Patch Acoustic Panels from StokkeAustad

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These outstanding acoustic panels were created by the Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad design studio, based in Oslo, Norway. Patch is a series of graphically designed panels comprised of several different textiles from the textile producer Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk. Each panel is enhanced with additional materials, such as mirrors, brass and Norwegian stone. Continue reading

BuzziCactus Adds Life to The Office from BuzziSpace

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BuzziSpace debuts three variations of its latest sound insulating room divider, the BuzziCactus. The three designs are: BuzziCactus Taco, BuzziCactus Tex Mex and BuzziCactus Gringo. Like many of the company’s products, these larger-than-life office plants are acoustic and made with sustainable materials.

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The multi-purpose cactus not only bring a sense of humor into a office as an art piece, they also act as a room divider and bulletin board, all rolled into one. Continue reading

TUOHI Birch Bark Panels from Showroom Finland

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These birch bark wall panels provide a new type of surfacing product for residential and commercial application. The bark of each tree harvested has different colors and patterns with the result that every TUOHI panel is unique. The panels are composed of 12mm (.47″) thick MDF board and covered with a thin layer of birch bark. They are 450mm (17.72″) x 450mm (17.72″) square and all of the edges come with interlocking joints. Continue reading