Strata Ceiling Canopy System from CurveTec

Strata Canopy System from CurveTec 0 + panels

The CurveTec Strata Canopy system is a terrific way to create ceiling interest, define an area or reduce noise. The panel system provides an excellent platform for focused task down-lighting and can be combined with the company’s Light Engine LED light bars for an integrated look. The canopy panels are constructed of a 1-1/2″ concave or convex lightweight structural core and are available in either a 4′W x 8′L or a 4′W x 10′L. Continue reading

Lumisplash Decorative Backsplash from ATI Laminates

lumisplash illuminated backsplash panels 0 panels

The Lumisplash illuminated backsplash panel system was an exciting new product introduction at KBIS 2014 from ATI Decorative Laminates. The back-lit system provides a completely even surface illumination that is dimmable, and the ⅜” material does not require an air gap for the LEDs. The panels, made with the company’s proprietary process, contain images that are embedded into the transparent FRP substrate. It creates a high abrasion, chemical, scratch and stain-resistant surface making it appropriate for residential or commercial applications. Continue reading

Composite Metal Panels from Pac-Clad

composite panels pac clad 0 panels cladding

The Composite Wall Panels from Pac-Clad combine unmatched performance with a product that not only provides design flexibility, but is visually very attractive. There are three panel types offered, the PAC-3000 CS, the PAC-3000 RS and the PAC-3000 AP. The PAC-3000 CS is comprised of an 020 face and back skin thermobonded to a polyethylene or fire-retardant core. Each panel can be individually installed and adjusted with staggered angle clips mounted to them. The PAC-3000 RS is a rain screen system constructed of an aluminum composite material with clean reveals eliminating the need for caulk. Continue reading

fibreC Smart Element Panels from Rieder

Rieder Smart Elements 1 panels

Saukonpaasi, a handsome social housing project in Helsinki designed by Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Arkkitehdit, was constructed with fibreC glassfibre reinforced concrete facade panels from Rieder. Rieder Smart Elements manufactured more than 2.000 m² of white pre-fabricated three dimensional concrete elements for the perforated facade of this building.  Continue reading