Patch Acoustic Panels from StokkeAustad

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These outstanding acoustic panels were created by the Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad design studio, based in Oslo, Norway. Patch is a series of graphically designed panels comprised of several different textiles from the textile producer Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk. Each panel is enhanced with additional materials, such as mirrors, brass and Norwegian stone. Continue reading

BuzziCactus Adds Life to The Office from BuzziSpace

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BuzziSpace debuts three variations of its latest sound insulating room divider, the BuzziCactus. The three designs are: BuzziCactus Taco, BuzziCactus Tex Mex and BuzziCactus Gringo. Like many of the company’s products, these larger-than-life office plants are acoustic and made with sustainable materials.

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The multi-purpose cactus not only bring a sense of humor into a office as an art piece, they also act as a room divider and bulletin board, all rolled into one. Continue reading

TUOHI Birch Bark Panels from Showroom Finland

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These birch bark wall panels provide a new type of surfacing product for residential and commercial application. The bark of each tree harvested has different colors and patterns with the result that every TUOHI panel is unique. The panels are composed of 12mm (.47″) thick MDF board and covered with a thin layer of birch bark. They are 450mm (17.72″) x 450mm (17.72″) square and all of the edges come with interlocking joints. Continue reading

Bamboo Tiger Panels from MOSO-Bamboo

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The latest product from MOSO is an innovative and sustainable product collection of High Density bamboo panels with tiger striping. The new paneling consists of a mix of natural and caramel strips compressed to provide the benefits of the best hardwoods with the highly renewable giant bamboo species MOSO. Continue reading

SIPS Sandwich Panels from Eco-Panels

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Eco-Panels is a North Carolina manufacturer of the most advanced polyurethane filled structural insulated panels, or SIPs, on the market today. These panels are comprised of an interior and exterior siding material sandwiching an internal layer of foam insulation. The foam used is polyurethane and does not contain styrene, formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds. Continue reading

POP Interior Plywood Panels from Brainwood

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Brainwood OY is a Finnish design minded company that specializes in decorative wood and acoustic panels. The panels are for walls, ceilings, room dividers and in-store display as well as other types of furnishings for commercial and residential environments. The company offers an extensive choice of patterns and colors one of which is POP a three-dimensional, form pressed plywood element for interior application designed by Jaana Karell. Continue reading