Ecoben Honeycomb Panel System from Panelite

translucent honeycomb sliding doors residence panelite 0 panels

Ecoben is a lightweight interior-bonded panel system featuring a structural honeycomb core comprised of 100% post-consumer natural color recycled paper cardboard corrugated layers. There are two facings offered, Clear Transparent and Clear Satin both provide a degree of privacy while transmitting daylight. The honeycomb product offers exceptional durability and deflection-resistance while increasing the overall life cycle. Continue reading

Recycled Paper Tile from Slate-ish

recycled paper strip tile slate ish 0 tile panels

Slate-ish is a recycled paper product comprised of scrap paper collected primarily from countertop fabricators in the U.S. The majority of the raw material is Richlite, and additional sources are Wilsonart and Trespa. All three have Class A Fire Ratings and are Greenguard certified. After processing the paper and cutting into various shapes, the material is hand split, to create textured surface with the appearance of real slate tile. Continue reading

Mondo Divider Panels from Solberg

mondo mdf panels solberg +1 panels

These textured wall panels from Solberg Industries provide a way to create depth and
dimension in an interior space. The Mondo 10″ repeating pattern has overlapping circles that have been machined from both sides of MDF core. The standard panel sizes are available in 4′ x 8′ or 5′ x10′ dimensions and can be customized as well. Continue reading

EchoPanels Acoustic Panels from Kirei USA

echopanel kirei 2 panels

This attractive sustainable EchoPanel product from Kirei, is a great way to control sound in a space, while adding color and style. There is a wide range of tailored solutions offered to combat poor acoustics that includes baffles and geometric tiles as well as standard panels. The EchoPanel material is produced from recycled PET plastic bottles and Eco-friendly dyes and is Green Tag certified. Continue reading

Laser Cut Metal Panels from BOK Modern

cnc cut steel panels bok modern 1 panels metalwork

The laser cut metal panels from BOK Modern, available in a wide range of patterns, can provide an aesthetic component to a project with comparatively low installation costs.The production methods employed are very efficient in that no posts or frames are required and there is no labor intensive welding or grinding required in the shop or the field. The metals used are Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel and Corten Steel with factory applied 3-coat powder finishes on aluminum or zinc primer finishes on the rolled steel for durability. Continue reading