Flextech Frameless Glass Railing System from Glass and Glass

flextech frameless glass railing system glass glass 450x303 railings hardware

Flextech glass railing from Glass and Glass is the only system available in the market that can be used for straight and bent glass at the same time without channel support. The patent pending system has been engineered, signed and sealed with a stamp from their Structural Engineer and has been tested in a Dade County, FL approved lab. The company is a leader in developing new and innovative product in traditional, modern and contemporary styling. Continue reading

Cube Railing System from Viva Railings

cube railing system viva railings 500x299 railings

The Cube railing system from Viva is a clean, contemporary design with a continuous flow of lines. It is a modular pre-engineered design that is one of the many thought-through designs developed by Viva over the years. The post body is made of 2” x 2” tubular section that has the structural strength to allow for a wide choice of in-fill options.  The Continue reading