Baycliff Caulfield Limestone from Burlington Stone

baycliff caulfield burlington stone 0 stone

Baycliff, one of the hardest and most durable limestones for construction use, is quarried from its namesake quarry in England and is available from Burlington Stone. The Baycliff collection is from the company’s Select Range and is available in ten colorways. Caulfield (pictured) is a buff colored limestone with light coffee mottling that is available in honed and flamed finishes. Continue reading

Lavastone and Cotto Decorative Tile from Made a Mano

nuda lava rosa glaze raw waxed made a mano 0 tile stone

Made a Mano has combined ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques to create a stunning series of decorative tile, countertops, sinks, etc. Made with the natural stone, their collections are worked, glazed and decorated completely by hand. The stone, which can be polished, sawn, fluted and aged, is produced in single slabs, as well as cut into tiles of varying shapes and sizes. Continue reading

Natural Stone Tile Pavers from Dunis Stone

16 x10 Wave paver dunis1 tile stone pavers

Dunis Stone is a supplier of cutting edge architectural natural stone product for both interior and exterior application. Their solid granite pavers and natural stone tile are offered in a full range of innovative patterns and geometric shapes. The product is produced in flamed, honed, polished or custom finishes. The pavers are offered in standard Tight Fit edges or in Sparkle that has deep polished bevels on all edges that reflect light. Continue reading

Fossil Lake Collection from Green River Stone

Fossil Lake Collection from Green River Stone tile stone

The Fossil Lake Collection of pre-made stone tile are from the Green River Stone Company in Southwest, Wyoming. The stone has been quarried from the company’s private quarry that contains fossil-rich calcium carbonate shale. The unique one of a kind fossil fish tiles are hand cut and finished by hand and are available in honed, combo and natural cleft finishes. The versatile tile can add a focal point to any area such as a kitchen backsplash, a shower wall and floor or cladding recommended for both residential and commercial installations. Continue reading