Walking the High Line Fabric Collection from Sina Pearson

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Walking the High Line is a handsome new group of textiles from Sina Pearson, the designer and owner of her namesake firm. The collection is inspired by the High Line, an elevated park on the west side of Manhattan, and tells a tale of modernism, landscape and city skylines. The new group features four geometric patterns in a total of 21 colorways that evoke the views Sina experienced on the High Line. Continue reading

Alaxi Color Carnival Outdoor Collection from Silver State Textiles

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This award winning new outdoor fabric collection from Alaxi Solid State Textiles was launched by company’s textile designers Kate Korten and Manoli Sargetakis. The colorful collection is an interpretation that brilliantly shows nature at play from the stylized darting Minnows, to the swaying leaves of Foliage or to Masquerade, depicting the opening of an over sized flower. Continue reading

Up and Down Digital Print from Kinnasand

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Found in the UNI/VERSE – Woven Poetry collection from Kinnasand is a new take on color gradation in their digital print series Teaser, Feather and Up and Down. The color gradients run in radial, linear or non-linear directions as well as in single or multiple transitions. The sensuous fabrics in the collection make a statement on the meaning of materiality in the digital age with their beautiful nuances of color, play of light and movement and on the structure and material. Continue reading

LOOP TO LOOP Upholstery Fabric from Designtex

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The collaboration between these four environmentally conscious companies, Designtex, Victor, Unifi and Steelcase has produced this outstanding upholstery fabric. Loop to Loop is the result of the first closed-loop system that recycles textile waste and waste already recycled back into product. The product is composed of primarily postcomsumer recycled polyester, much from PET water bottles, postconsumer recycled polyester as well as a small percentage of new polyester. The final product can recycled over and over again while retaining the original fiber’s quality.  The 56” wide fabric was designed by Designtex, woven by Victor with Unifi yarn and is used on Steelcase furniture – to continue the cyclic-nature concept.


Flexible Architecture Collection from Ceramica Sant’Agostino

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The first ever ceramic tile collection designed by Phillipe Starck is much more than a simple tile collection. It is actually a system that offers endless design possibilities. The collection features linear pattern-making with the tile available in a wide combination of different thicknesses, surfaces, joints, finishes and colors. The three dimensional, exaggerated joints are an integral part of the tile that can be enhanced on one side, two sides or on all four sides. Continue reading

Textiles Fundamentals Event Offered by Guilford of Maine

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Twice per year, in the spring and fall, True Textiles, parent company of Guilford of Maine, puts on our Textile Fundamentals class for customers, designers, architects, or anyone else interested in experiencing all that goes into designing and manufacturing fabrics. The class takes place at our mill located in Guilford, Maine amongst the beauty and serenity of this diverse state. Continue reading

Stripes and Flowers Collection from Sina Pearson

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Stripes and Flowers, a new collection from Sina Pearson Textiles, is third in a series of complementary high-performance fabrics. The patterns, Happiness, Breeze, Ribbons and Serendipity have lively color palettes with an energetic sense of movement that can be up-lifting in large-scale, public, contract and residential spaces. The Stripes and Flowers collection contains four harmonizing patterns, one combination broad and narrow stripe, one fine stripe, one floral and one dimensional solid. Continue reading

Ultraleather Pro from Ultrafabrics LLC

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Ultraleather Pro is one of the newest products from Ultrafabrics that provides an excellent alternative to real leather. The material has a polyurethane face with a rayon backing and is incredibly soft and luxurious. It has high abrasion resistance and enhanced stain resistance with a high level of clean-ability that includes most inks and tough stains making it an excellent material for high-traffic commercial applications. Continue reading