Nettle Collection from Camira Fabrics


Demonstrating innovation and environmental stewardship, with inspiration from the cultural textiles of nomadic tribes, Camira Fabrics has created the Nettle collection. There are three lovely new patterns to choose from, based on the company’s well received Sting fabric, that are made from a blend of virgin wool and harvested stinging nettles. Continue reading

Jubilee Indoor/Outdoor Collection from Sina Pearson

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Sina Pearson introduces an exuberant new collection titled Jubilee. Confetti, an indoor/outdoor fabric woven with Sunbrella Contract® yarns, harmonizes with Sparkler, a glittery, sustainable polyurethane. Offered in a wealth of colorways, both patterns are beach cleanable, stain-resistant and supremely durable. The new twosome complements Pearson’s All Spaces and Geometry 101 collections and is ideal for contract, healthcare, institutional, hospitality and residential use. Two patterns in a total of 19 colorways. Confetti combines its geometric motifs and color contrasts in unexpected, lively rhythms. Continue reading

Textured Solar Window Fabrics from Kova Textiles

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The Kova Textile line is a uniquely textured solar window fabric produced with vinyl coated polyester yarns and KovaLux proprietary filaments. Inspired by her family’s crystal collection, the company’s founder, Libby Kowalski, researched and patented a water-clear polymer yarn that can be used commercially. When light passes through the fabric, it seems to dissolve into a diaphanous surface that is sheer, not quite transparent and translucent, but not opaque. Continue reading

Welded Vinyl Fabrics from ATN Vinyl

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This attractive welded vinyl material from ATN, most commonly used for upholstery and wallcoverings, is very durable with high tear strength, scratch resistance and UV resistance. It is free of many pollutants and is generally resistant to such common elements as perspiration, urine, saliva, salt water and bacteria. The material has a foam backing which is bonded and embossed with a high-frequency welding technology. Continue reading

Woven Metal Mesh Textiles from Alphamesh

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These striking textiles, introduced by Alphamesh Fabrics, provide designers with a collection of woven metal mesh fabrics for architectural use and interior design applications. Woven with stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum weft yarns, the fabrics not only provide spectacular surface effects, they also can be molded into permanent sculptures or three-dimensional objects. Continue reading