Natural Stone and Tile from Soli LandSurfaces

limestone tile soli landsurfaces 0 tile stone pavers

The Soli LandSurfaces showroom was specifically developed as a source of natural stone product for landscape architects and hard-scape designers. An outstanding curated assortment of stone product, including custom quarried stone, porphyry, veneers, terra cotta, pavers, tile, ledger stone and reclaimed architectural elements, are offered in a variety of handsome finishes. There is also an exclusive collection of stunning Encaustic tiles offered, for interior and exterior pedestrian areas only. Continue reading

Thrilled Agglomerate Collection from Brix

thrilled agglomerate tile brix 1 tile

The Thrilled tile collection, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Brix, is an agglomerate product comprised of waste marble dust with a binder of polyester resin. The collection was inspired by a dense arrangement of round, smooth pebbles. This is reflected in each 1″ square of the mosaic sheet which contains over 1,700 3D semi-spheres measuring approx .25″ in diameter. Continue reading