Colorful Patterned Hardwood Tile from Mirth Studio

dec wood floor tile mirth studio 0 tile

This decorative and whimsical collection of wood tile, with inspiration from 60’s Op Art and mod flower patterns of the 70’s, also includes a modern take on classic inlaid wood floor patterns. Some of the designs have been updated with a modern twist while others appear timeless. The colorful designs, produced without the time and cost of hand painted tile, are fully customizable. Continue reading

Glass and Stone Tile Collections from Lunada Bay Tile

tozen nat brick lunada bay 0 tile

Stone & Pewter Accents recently changed their name to Lunada Bay Tile as a result of their expanded product line. The original line, which consisted primarily of stone, now includes a wide variety of material ranging from ceramic, glass and slate to pewter and wood. There is also an online Pewter catalog with an extensive selection of beautiful 2”, 3” and 4” square and rectangular tile, as well as a wide range of borders and trim. Continue reading

Norament Satura Rubber Floor Covering from Nora

norament satura colors 0 tile floor coverings

This new Norament rubber floor covering, with its high color saturation, was created to intensify moods, stimulate or to provide a calming effect. The aim was to produce a product line with made-to-measure solutions that would provide a wide spectrum of creative possibilities. The rubber flooring, with it’s unique light reflecting and subtle textured surface, is available in two different palettes with 32 colors that create an impression of pure clear color. Continue reading