Handpainted Collections from Fireclay Tile

diamond lattice diamond contour kabuki sphere kasbah trellis fireclay 0 tile

The new Contemporary, Moroccan and Mediterranean Handpainted Collections from Fireclay Tile were inspired by the simple beauty of wall coverings and textiles. Created in partnership with the talented designer Susanne Redfield, the collections are an artful blend of authentic craftsmanship that provide a modern aesthetic with sophisticated textures and pure, alluring finishes. The new collections are handcrafted in Northern California using a proprietary wax resist technique that originated in 16th century Persia. Continue reading

Cuisina Custom Cement Tile from Tesselle

custom tile design tesselle 0 tile

The Cuisina custom cement tile shown, is a non-repeating design in a random layout, created by the  Tesselle Design Studio inspired by and for a culinary institute. The studio can create the perfect custom tile design to capture the theme of a space, the essence of a region, or even incorporate a logo. The custom cement tiles can be produced in any size and shape up 12” x 12” and in almost any color. Continue reading

Aperiodix Wall Tile from OSO Industries

aperiodix charcoal oso ind extra tile surface materials

The Aperiodix decorative wall surfacing system, from Oso Industries, is a cast-concrete tiling system based on a set of three triangles. Using these three triangles and their mirrored shapes produces a total of six unique tiles that can be laid out in a non-repeating pattern. Each tile has a three dimensional undulating surface and always matches its neighboring tile. Continue reading

Decorative GFRC Ceiling Tile from Above View

exotic animal prints above view 0 tile

The striking ceiling tile from Above View are beautifully executed and manufactured using a patented composition of gypsum cement, glass fibers and other non-combustible aggregates. A great deal of attention is given to the manufacture of the tiles in order to maintain the definition of details and integrity of the surfaces. The relief on the unique 2’ x 2’ tile varies from ¼” to 3”, depending on the design. They have a nominal 1/4″ to ½” thickness and weigh only 2 to 2-¼” pounds per square foot. The standard factory finish, included in the price of the tile, is a ceiling white satin latex. Continue reading

Kente Glass Tile from Tohickon Glass Tiles

kente glass tile from tohickon 0 tile glass

The striking Kente glass tile series was inspired by West African textiles and designed to promote healing, tranquility and longevity through color and texture. The tile has a beautiful cross hatched vertical and horizontal line pattern and comes in a new range of ten vibrant and rich colorways. The unique design captures light and magnifies the textures and colors which gives them unprecedented depth, luminosity and life. As with all of the handmade Vitrium tile from Tohickon, there will be variations in the shape, color, shade and tone. Continue reading