Heritage Blend Porcelain and Mark Ceramic Tile from Akdo

heritage blend 2 akdo 2 tile

The Heritage Blend porcelain collection is one of the newest released by Akdo. The collection, inspired by popular patterns found in the arts and crafts movement, has a lovely vintage handmade look. The tile are hexagonal shaped and come in two Blends, each of which have been designed with three patterns that create six unique tiles. Blend 1 is comprised of creamy, neutral earth tones and Blend 2 with a more dramatic combination of charcoal and cream. Both of the blends evoke a quality that is similar to a photographic negative. Continue reading

Handmade Decorative Terra Cotta Tile from Mediterra Tile

catania andaluz mediterra tile 0 tile

The gorgeous tile collections from Mediterra Tile pay homage to the wonderful ceramic traditions of the Mediterranean region. The company has succeeded in synthesizing and connecting the cultural legacies in a beautiful rich and forward-looking handmade collection of tile. The first image in the majolica style of southern Spain is Catania, a lovely tin-glazed tile from the Andaluz series. The milky glazes break on the edges to reveal the warm varied tones of the terra cotta body. . Continue reading

Hive™ Engineered Stone Tile from Realstone Systems

hive tiles barbieri realstone 0 tile

The Hive™ Tile collection created by Giovanni Barbieri, the award winning Italian natural stone artisan, is being exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Realstone Systems. The collection is composed of engineered Marble and Travertine hexagonal tiles produced from recycled waste marble and travertine powder. The stone powder goes through a laboratory process to recreate the look of wood and natural stone. The tile, feature deep relief patterns and are patterned of wood, chiseled stone and an etched linear pattern. Continue reading

Handpainted Collections from Fireclay Tile

diamond lattice diamond contour kabuki sphere kasbah trellis fireclay 0 tile

The new Contemporary, Moroccan and Mediterranean Handpainted Collections from Fireclay Tile were inspired by the simple beauty of wall coverings and textiles. Created in partnership with the talented designer Susanne Redfield, the collections are an artful blend of authentic craftsmanship that provide a modern aesthetic with sophisticated textures and pure, alluring finishes. The new collections are handcrafted in Northern California using a proprietary wax resist technique that originated in 16th century Persia. Continue reading

Cuisina Custom Cement Tile from Tesselle

custom tile design tesselle 0 tile

The Cuisina custom cement tile shown, is a non-repeating design in a random layout, created by the  Tesselle Design Studio inspired by and for a culinary institute. The studio can create the perfect custom tile design to capture the theme of a space, the essence of a region, or even incorporate a logo. The custom cement tiles can be produced in any size and shape up 12” x 12” and in almost any color. Continue reading

Aperiodix Wall Tile from OSO Industries

aperiodix charcoal oso ind extra tile surface materials

The Aperiodix decorative wall surfacing system, from Oso Industries, is a cast-concrete tiling system based on a set of three triangles. Using these three triangles and their mirrored shapes produces a total of six unique tiles that can be laid out in a non-repeating pattern. Each tile has a three dimensional undulating surface and always matches its neighboring tile. Continue reading