Mindoro Bio-based Wallcoverings from Elitis

mindoro lapu-lapu 0

Recently shown in Paris by Elitis is this innovative collection of handcrafted wallcoverings made with natural plant materials. The artisan crafted paper mache is made of Palm fibres, Abaca bark and bamboo, which is then immersed in vegetable dyes. Lapu-Lapu is made with 28cm x 28cm (11″ x 11″) squares of the paper mache hand-glued over the entire width of the wallcovering in a random board game layout. Continue reading

Hand Screened Wallpaper by Aimée Wilder


Drawing inspiration from contemporary graphic art and the design world, Aimée Wilder produces both traditional and contract wallcoverings and fabrics. All of the patterns are hand-silk screened on clay-coated paper and on two contract wall covering substrates, Type II paper Backed Vinyl and Terralon. The Traditional Wallpaper can also be used for commercial purposes due to a similar fire rating and all of fabrics can be produced with a commercial coating. Continue reading

Fabric No 2 Wallcovering from Submaterial

figure no 2 submaterial 0

Submaterial has taken two of their popular Construct wallhanging patterns and created a new series of large scale wool felt and cork wall coverings. Figure No 2 is one of the new bold organic patterns in the series that is both graphic and dimensional. Not only does the wall covering provide a strong architectural element it also has exceptional acoustic properties. Continue reading

Zambra Wallcovering from Versa Wallcovering

zamba everglades install versa 0

This handsome wallcovering from Versa has a woven wire look that was inspired by the raised surface of an African drum. The textural pattern creates an interesting play of light across the surface and is available in eighteen striking colorways. It is manufactured with Versa’s revolutionary Second Look recycled technology for a total of 20% recycled content and is recyclable through this same program. Continue reading

Novelio Paintable Wallcovering from Adfors Saint-Gobain

adfpors novelio 0

Novelio offers a very nice range of woven and non-woven paintable fiberglass wallcoverings produced by Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics. These products have a soft touch coating which makes them friendly to apply and handle and are a good choice when there are problems or issues with wall surfaces. They can be used in new construction as their high mechanical resistance prevents cracks from appearing and in renovation they easily cover cracks and walls irregularities Continue reading

The Hypnotist Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

hypnotist mono graham & brown 0

Add an optical illusion to spaces with a feature wall clad in U.K.-based designer Barbara Hulanicki’s Hypnotist wallpaper. The Hypnotist really is just that, a truly hypnotic wallpaper design. In a black and white colorway, it will not only add interest to your walls but will create a real impact and optical illusion that could keep you mesmerized for hours. This flock design could result in a real sensory overload as it’s also exquisitely soft to the touch making it a feast for your hands as well as your eyes. Continue reading