PanoramicView Windows from Zola Windows

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The newest introduction from Zola Windows is the PanoramicView Series that provides sweeping views with effortless operation, exceptional durability and reduced frame thicknesses. Specifically the corner system enhances views with its reduced frame thickness to maximizes the fixed glass area as well as its fully embeddable, thermally optimized threshold.  Continue reading

High Performance Wood Window Series from Weco System Windows

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The Weco window is a high-performance window in which the glass works structurally together with the industrialized wood frame to provide large expanses of uninterrupted glass. Resulting from the collaboration of three Spanish architects, the Weco System Window is an innovative design that stands out for its simplicity, quality of detail and elegance. The windows are available in double and triple tempered and laminated glazing and in fixed, tilt-and-turn, sliding window, sliding door and balcony door options, all with stainless steel hardware. Continue reading

ARZ Solar Shutter from Fakro sp


arz solar shutter fakro windows The ARZ Solar from Fakro is a roller shutter for roof windows that can be either controlled by a remote control or regulated by a Solar unit. The shutter, which is installed on the outside of the window, has aluminum slats with a special coating on the inside that effectively reduces heat from entering a room and provides protection from UV radiation. Continue reading

ESG Thermic™ Heated Glass from Essex Safety Glass

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The ESG Thermic™ heated glass from Essex Security Glass can transform windows from one of the main sources of heat loss to one of a core heating element. The double glazing functions as a radiant heating source to aid in saving energy use and is capable of providing effective and controlled temperatures. The normal problems associated with single pane glass, such as cold window surfaces, condensation, cold drafts and dust are eliminated.  Continue reading

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors from Zola Windows

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Zola European Windows are precision crafted, airtight, highly energy efficient and are the result of the search for the best windows and doors at an affordable price. The company offers a large selection of windows that include the classic American casement window with Scandinavian hardware that swing out up to 3’ wide per sash. Fixed windows of all shapes and configurations can be made to complement their operating windows. Continue reading

New Curtain Wall from Lamboo

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Lamboo® Inc. has partnered with a leading curtain wall manufacturer, Solar Innovations®. Solar Innovations’® offers their Timber Wall curtain wall system that has been created to accommodate all design conditions including vertical, sloped, and custom skylight. The available wood species have now been expanded to include Lamboo’s, engineered high performance bamboo. Continue reading