Engineered Wood Product from Plexwood

birch wall panels plexwood 0 wood

Plexwood is a handsome, graphic wood-based product line designed for intensive interior application. The plexwood material is strong and durable as a result of the production method employed of layering end grain and straight grain woods. These layered woods create a much stronger material than plain sawn wood and as a result it is possible to use softer production woods for the line. Continue reading

Sparkling Frost and Whitewashed Oak Flooring from Carlisle

whitewashed oak carlise  wood flooring

Sparkling Frost is a new oak flooring that has been added to the Wide Plank Floors’ Natural Finish Collection from Carlisle. The white oak planks provide a cooler version of the traditional beachy whitewashed flooring and features a softened edge profile with a matte finish. The product is available in solid or engineered wood and can be installed over concrete slab and plywood, including radiant heating material. The planks are 8″ wide, with custom widths available upon request and come in random lengths ranging from 2′ to 12′. Continue reading

Sabi Cladding Recycled Wood from Windfall Lumber

sabi collection windfall lumber 0 + wood cladding

Windfall Lumber’s new Sabi Cladding series was inspired by the beauty of aged wood and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. The FSC Certified Recycled cladding is made from reclaimed Douglas fir and hemlock beams recovered from deconstructed buildings in the Pacific Northwest. The unrefined simplicity of the wood is emphasized with a palette drawn from blacks, grays, whites and earth tones. Continue reading

Recycled Teak and Hardwood Products from East Teak

reclaimed teak millwork east teak 0 wood

East Teak manufactures a wide range of top-quality hardwood products, such as architectural millwork, moldings, plywood, decking and ship timbers. The company stocks a wide range of wood, including Teak lumber and Ipe decking, that can be custom designed to fit exact specifications. Excellent examples of their beautiful woods are evident in the images of the two residential Teak ceiling installations and the interior of a boathouse clad with teak. Continue reading

Reclaimed River Wood from Sinker Treasures

cypress pine outdoor flooring sinker treasures 0+ wood

This good looking wood decking material is Sinker Cypress and Pine, produced from old growth logs that were axe cut from virgin forests in the early 1800’s. On their way to the sawmills, the logs sank in the rivers, bayous, creeks and swamps, in the southern regions of the U.S. Completely submerged and preserved, they are now being recovered and sawn into lumber for historic restoration and new construction. Continue reading

Windfall Color Cladding from Windfall Lumber

Windfall Color Cladding 0 + wood cladding

Drawing inspiration from the rhythms of nature and human spirit, Windfall Color Cladding is the result of a fresh new collaboration with YOLO Colorhouse. The product brings a lively palette of twelve saturated hues that enhance the natural texture and warmth of the wood grain. It is made from Windfall Lumber’s reclaimed Wall Cladding series combined with premium, zero VOC interior paint from YOLO Colorhouse. Continue reading