Meteon Wood Decors Facade Panels from Trespa

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Trespa® Meteon® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface. The panels are composed of a blend of up to 70% wood-based fibers and thermosetting resins that are manufactured under high pressures and temperatures. The Trespa Meteon Wood Decors 22 color range has now been extended to include six new grey wood tones. Developed for exterior use, the new grey wood decors have a smooth, easy to clean matte finish with a closed surface to withstand even the most demanding environments. Continue reading

Ceranex Durable Façade Cladding from Nova Lignum

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Nova Lignum has developed Ceranex, a durable façade cladding material made from natural raw materials and produced with Moxy technology. Using 90% plant fibers from aubergines, grass, pruning waste and plant residues from greenhouses, the material does not contain silica or any oil related or chemical additives. During the Moxy production process, which is done above ground and can be compared to the fossilization of old buried wood, the plant fibers petrify to ceramic. Continue reading

Terrart-Light Cladding from NBK Terracotta

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Providing both medium and small-format elements, this lightweight terra-cotta product is ideal for the renovation and reconstruction of a building’s facade. The innovative new ventilated curtain wall/rainscreen system is custom sized per specification, attractively priced and provides a quick and cost-effective installation. The facade tiles are available in natural or grooved finishes, as well as in a wide selection of standard and custom colors. Continue reading