Vertigo Concrete Tiles from Itai Bar-On

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The Vertigo tile collection is a range of hand-made concrete tiles made with Itai Bar-On’s proprietary technique. This technique creates an illusion of a soft fabric-like material from a material that is actually very hard. Each tile goes through a four step process: casting, extraction, curing and packing. At each of these steps the product is quality control checked as well. Continue reading

Light Refelecting Concrete from BlingCrete

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The material BlingCrete™, also known as light-reflecting concrete, combines all the positive qualities of concrete construction material with those of retro-reflection. In other words, the surface of the material reflects the light hitting it back in the precise direction of the light source. The optical phenomenon is produced by the embedded glass micro-spheres in the substrate material. The adhesive composition of the glass beads and their position in the matrix, which can be precisely controlled, make it an excellent material for a wide range of applications in architecture and design as well as for road safety. Continue reading

ColorFlo® Liquid Pigments from Solomon Colors


Solomon Colors is a worldwide supplier of concrete color, dispersing systems and concrete coloring products.  They offer a full line of decorative concrete solutions with both dry and liquid pigments to the ready mix, concrete block and masonry industries.  Their new introduction is ColorFlo® liquid pigments that provide the most consistently accurate color available. There is a higher percent of solids in the liquid pigments meaning that less product is used to produce a better quality color resulting in a lower end cost.  Continue reading

Modern Cement Tile Collection from Archipelago Tile

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A modern story infuses a timeless craft in the Archipelago Cement Tile collection. These handsome contemporary tiles are completely handmade, comprised of natural materials, and are cured rather than fired. The unique manufacturing process, perfected in France over 150 years ago, has stood the test of time and has traveled the globe, giving this medium a compelling green, global, and historic story. Continue reading