Krion® Solid Surface Materials from Porcelanosa

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Krion is a new generation of solid surface material, warm to the touch and similar to stone, developed by Systempool, a Porcelanosa Group company. The non-porous product, composed of one-third organic material and two-thirds natural minerals, is anti-bacterial, hard-wearing, highly resistant and easy to repair, requiring only minimum maintenance. Sheets of the material can be cut, then joined and thermofused together to create seamless, smooth curved pieces. The Royal + Lux product is the most innovative in the Krion series as it contains mixed particles of metallic and transparent materials. Continue reading

Advanced Multi-layered Printing Solutions from Elkeslasi Surface Design

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These doubled-sided decorative acrylic sheets from Elkeslasi Surface Design have been printed on both sides using ecologically friendly inks. Much stronger than glass, the acrylic material has many excellent innate properties that include thermal, chemical and UV resistance. The material offers a high degree of clarity and formability that provides a range of optical design possibilities. Continue reading

iTOPKer Porcelain Slab Countertops from Inalco

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iTOPKer is new large-format, porcelain slab product from Inalco that was presented at ICFF 2014. The slabs were created primarily for use as countertops and provides new design options for interior and exterior design. The large 12 mm (.47”) thick and 1500 mm (59”) W x 3000 mm (118”) L slabs are food grade, resistant to strong impacts, as well as to frost and ice. Continue reading

Recycled Glass Surface Material from IceStone USA

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IceStone, composed of 100% recycled glass, Portland cement and pigments, is a very beautiful, durable and green concrete surfacing material. The product is as hard as granite, is heat and fire resistant, and does not emit any toxins which makes it an excellent choice for countertops. The color selection offered is not only outstanding and gorgeous, the range is one of the largest available on the market. Continue reading

Cast Concrete Countertops from Lowinfo

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Specified by a London based architect for his kitchen, this outstanding polished concrete kitchen countertop with undermount sink, was produced by Lowinfo. The company is a leader in the design and manufacture of contemporary concrete products specializing in both traditional and glass reinforced concrete. Using their lightweight core technology, they are able to cast concrete worktops with extra thick profiles that maintain a monolithic block look, while keeping the weight down and reducing the carbon footprint of the material. Continue reading

Curava Recycled Glass Slabs from Arizona Tile

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The Curava recycled glass slabs from Arizona Tile are one of the most environmentally friendly surface materials available. The slabs are comprised of 60% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled glass, collected from landfills and other sources, combined with 31% quartz and 9% resin. This product is the only recycled glass slab on the market that is available in 3/4” slabs. Continue reading