Hardwood Flooring from EcoTimber

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EcoTimber offers a wide range of beautiful domestic and exotic hardwood flooring. They have promoted forest conservation worldwide by selling sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood products since 1992. Their forestry practices guarantee a perpetual yield of high-quality timber while maintaining or restoring healthy, self-regenerating forest ecosystems. Continue reading

Unico and Chrono Terrazzo Flooring from Eterno Terrazzo

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Combining traditional terrazzo craftsmanship with innovative technology Eterno’s Unico and Chrono products feature a balanced gradation of mineral pigments, grains and aggregates. Both contain fragments of natural stone, such as marble, granite or glass in varying amounts mixed into a cement base. There are approximately forty material choices available to mix into any one of the sixteen standard concrete colors offered. Continue reading

Pure Genius Floor Finish from Lauzon Flooring

Pure Genius Flooring Lauzon

Lauzon, the Canadian flooring manufacturer, has designed Pure Genius an air purifying finish for interior hardwood floors. The company claims that their proprietary titanium-dioxide finish will decompose bacteria and mold, as well as transform VOCs such as formaldehyde, into water and carbon dioxide, when activated by light. After 30 days, rooms installed with Pure Genius flooring have been shown to have a formaldehyde level of only 5 parts per billion (ppb), compared with 16 to 32 ppb found in a typical home. Continue reading

Midtown Hardwood Floors from Armstrong

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Midtown is an excellent engineered hardwood flooring product that Armstrong produced primarily for the residential market. The product has been manufactured by bonding solid wood layers over a high-density fiberboard core for stability. It is offered in oak, maple or walnut veneer faced hardwood and finished with eight low-gloss color finishes. Continue reading

Engineered Teak Flooring from Indo Teak Design

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Designed for stability and versatility of installation the beautiful recycled engineered teak flooring from Indo Teak Design is composed of the highest quality reclaimed teak.The hand-selected reclaimed wood is from historic buildings scheduled for demolition and is third party certified to FSC standards. All three layers of the engineered flooring contain reclaimed teak resulting in zero waste. The flooring is Tongue and Groove, end matched, contains a substantial wear layer and can be glued down, nailed down or installed as a floating floor. Continue reading

Strandwood Eucalyptus from ECOfusion Flooring

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Eucalyptus Strandwood flooring is a dynamic new product line of Solid Lock flooring from ECOFusion. It is made with 100% Eucalyptus wood harvested from sustainably managed plantations. The strands are cold-pressed into blocks, where they are treated and cured before being cut into planks. The Eucalyptus is available in Strawgrass and Muskrat, the boards are 5-1/3″ W x 43-1/4″ L and have been produced for floating applications. Continue reading

Specialty Hardwood Flooring from HomerWood

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The lovely smoked specialty flooring from HomerWood adds warmth and texture to a room providing the look of an antique floor. The company’s hand-smoking process gives the wood a dark and dramatic appearance for an authentic feel. The wood features a smooth or Amish hand-scraped finish, as well as wire-brushed textures and is available in a range of widths from 3″ up 8″. Continue reading