Dynamic Glass from View Glass

dynamic glass view glass 0

View Glass has created an intelligent window that can be electronically controlled with the touch of a programmed smart device. The glass is standard float glass with an electro-chromic coating on one surface of an insulating glass unit and can be controlled automatically or manually to change the window tint.

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Teardrop Glass from Nathan Allan

teardrop nathan allan 1

The Teardrop designed glass, from Nathan Allan’s Freeform Series, was created by artisans using confidential kiln-forming methods. The glass has been formed with deep dimensional patterns without texture that provides clarity for excellent light transmission while still maintaining privacy. There is a choice of eleven patterns that can be viewed from either side making the panels a perfect choice for partitions or dividing walls. Continue reading

Alexander Girard™ Collection from Skyline Design

alexander girard skyline 0

Paying homage to the architect-turned-textile-designer Alexander Girard, Skyline Design has translated some of his iconic patterns into glass. Launched at NeoCon 2014, the collection consists of ten styles including Alphabet (shown), which highlights Girard’s best known typographic design. The etched or digitally rendered designs are now available on sheets up to 72” x 144” of transparent, translucent or opaque glass with both color and neutral options offered. Continue reading

Scrimshaw Etched Glass from Pulp Studio

Scrimshaw pulp studio

Scrimshaw is one of the newest glass designs from Pulp Studio. Inspired by the scroll-work, engravings and carvings done in bone or Ivory, the studio has taken that form of etching and applied to the surface of glass. The pattern has an organic flair, with an added unencumbered wild and free-form look, that makes every piece a unique element. Continue reading

Kente Glass Tile from Tohickon Glass Tiles

kente glass tile from tohickon 0

The striking Kente glass tile series was inspired by West African textiles and designed to promote healing, tranquility and longevity through color and texture. The tile has a beautiful cross hatched vertical and horizontal line pattern and comes in a new range of ten vibrant and rich colorways. The unique design captures light and magnifies the textures and colors which gives them unprecedented depth, luminosity and life. As with all of the handmade Vitrium tile from Tohickon, there will be variations in the shape, color, shade and tone. Continue reading