Glassos Crystallized Glass Countertops from CCS Stone

glassos cystacl white vanity tops ccsstone 2 tile countertops

GLASSOS® Crystal White from CCS Stone is a pure white crystallized glass material made using a proprietary process of sintering molten glass into crystals then fusing them together at a high temperature. A flowing ribbon of molten glass is passed through a stream of cool water, forming white sintering glass crystals that are spread into molds and then put in kilns for 30 hrs at 2600 degrees.

crystal white glassos ccsstone 31 tile countertops

The result is a versatile material that is nearly identical to Pure White Thassos Marble, however,  it is as hard as granite with zero porosity. The material is available in pure white and beige and  in two slab sizes three tile sizes and two mesh mounted mosaic sizes. The unique qualities of Glassos are superior to other forms of crystallized glass in the market. It is a perfect choice for countertops, walls and flooring for both commercial and residential installations.

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