Natural Swimming Pool Ideas from Daily Green

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Swimming can be great exercise and a lot of fun, but the chlorine used in most pools can have some negative side effects, not the least of which is reliance on toxic (and finicky) chemicals. For health, environmental and aesthetic reasons, a lot of people have expressed interest in alternatives to chlorine pools, fortunately there are more and more options to get wet without smelling like cleaning products. Continue reading

Natural Pools from BioNova Natural Pools

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Natural Swimming Pools is a completely chemical-free, Eco-friendly and safe water system for swimming pools. The patented system does not disinfect or sterilize water, instead it purifies it the same way as it is done in nature. Aquatic plants, containing beneficial bacteria and helpful microbes, are used to create this natural biological filtration system. Continue reading

Pacific Interlocking Permeable Paver from Hydro-Flo

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The Hydro-Flow Interlocking Pavers are composed of 48% post-consumer recycled content, are 100% permeable and reduce storm water runoff. The water drains through the surface and back into the ground below with the result there are no puddles left on walking or driveway surfaces. While reducing slippery surfaces, there are no gaps, they are ADA compliant and additionally support local, state and federal mandates. Continue reading

Juniper Decking from SNW Wood

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Restoration Juniper Decking from SNW Wood is a beautiful, distinctive and long-lasting alternative to cedar, Trex, imported tropical hardwoods like ipe, and other decking options. It is made from untreated Juniper wood harvested during grassland-restoration projects in Oregon’s high desert. Juniper contains natural oils that make it more rot-resistant than cedar or redwood, so it provides an alternative to pressure-treated wood decking. Continue reading

Grey to Green Pavers from S:TERKS

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Designed by Caroline Brahme, Grey to Green is a very simple award winning concept that is essentially paving slabs with holes built into them. Since nature already pushes plants and weeds through the pavement, these holes can be filled with soil allowing plants or grasses to grow through them. Right now, the world is facing the largest wave of urban growth in history; however, the cities depend on nature’s ecosystem to function properly. Continue reading

Allure Bollard Design from Dunis Stone

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The Allure Bollard is one of the new design additions to the Dunis Stone Granite Bollard Collection. The Allure design is Sesame Black Granite in a square format, 16” x 16” x 36” with a hand chiseled Rock Pitched Face on its sides and a polished surface on top. All of the carved Granite bollards in the collection are competitive in cost to precast product and are available for any design and security requirement including: cityscapes, landscapes and entries to name a few. Continue reading