Modern Cement Tile from Kismet Tile

ojai custom tile kismet2 tile flooring concrete

Kismet Tile, designed by Tracey Reinberg, is a new line of modernist-inspired cement tile crafted according to traditional materials and methods in Morocco. Still found in the bold, modern motifs, however is the intricacy of patterning and possibility which makes the traditional designs so compelling.

classic cement tiles kismet1 tile flooring concrete

The company offers an ever-expanding catalog of designs that can be found in The Big Book of Kismet for pattern and color ideas. If you would like to put your own spin on a project or if you would like to create a wholly unique custom installation please contact Kismet at 213.840.8341. The Hexagon #8 is currently stocked in three color combinations of Blue, Green or Orange; the Ojai tile pictured is  a custom variation.

Kismet Tile