Coral Pendant Lights from Arturo Alvarez

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This lovely series of pendant lights has a distinctly organic look bringing to mind the beauty and richness of coral reefs. The lights are made with SIMETECH®, a handmade stainless steel mesh and silicone material, developed and patented in 2014 by Arturo Alvarez. The material is extremely malleable and moldable making it possible to create large volumes with different textures and light capacities. Continue reading →

Watershed Block from Watershed Materials

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Watershed Materials, with the help of the National Science Foundation, has developed the Watershed Block, an innovative masonry unit that provides an alternative to conventional concrete masonry with significant environmental performance. The Block combines all the beauty and performance of ordinary building blocks while using only half the amount of cement. Continue reading →

Recycled Rubber Flooring from Ecore Commercial Flooring

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Ecore has been manufacturing recycled rubber flooring products for more than 25 years. Every year they resource 50 million pounds of recycled rubber to manufacture flooring, acoustical and industrial products. Always using the highest quality recycled rubber and premium quality binders they are able to stand behind all of their products. Now after four years of R & D the company has launched their patent-pending Itstru Technology. Continue reading →

Parterre Mosaic Collection from New Ravenna

Parterre, designed by Sara Baldwin and Paul Schatz, is the latest introduction from New Ravenna. The beautiful collection was inspired by the formal gardens found in Europe, with their elegant and scented herb and perennial borders, edged with gravel pathways. The 18 stunning designs in the collection are comprised of natural stone, Serenity glass, shell, ceramic and aluminum. Continue reading →

Ligneah Wood and Cotton Material from MyMantra Srl

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Produced with FSC certified wood veneer, Ligneah is an innovative new sustainable material similar to leather. The wood veneer is laser-cut and fabric backed using a wide range of wood veneers, such as walnut, ash, birch, maple, oak and beech. The material produced is soft and pliable, can be printed and colored as well as perforated and woven. Continue reading →

USA Decorative Grates Collection from Jonite

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The Jonite Stone (Reinforced) USA Decorative Grates collection is a new series of architectural basin grates created from 95% natural aggregates and advanced hybrid polymers. The decorative grates, most of which are ADA compliant, come in a variety of modern, ornate and nature-inspired designs and are compliant with international load standards. Continue reading →

Bendable Hardwoods from Bendywood

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Bendywood® is solid hardwood, treated in a natural production process, that can be worked like normal wood and then bent into shape almost always by hand. The raw wood is processed thermo-mechanically and the planks steamed to soften the cell walls. While the planks are still damp they are compressed along the grain producing wood that is 20% more dense than unprocessed wood. Continue reading →

HALO Architectural Glass from Axolotl

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Axolotl has added a new range of beautiful glass called HALO. It has a jewel like appearance that is the result of its dual translucencies and softened 3D form. It was created by combining the principles of their core glass processes Veil and Formed. The surface of the glass is sculpted by carving up to 3mm deep before it’s kiln firing to soften the shape and texture of the glass surface. Continue reading →