Fabric Ducting and Diffusers from Prihoda Recycled

Prihoda Duct air handling

The HVAC ceiling componets from Phihoda Recycled are a great way to increase the recycled content of interior finishes on the ceiling. The fabric ducting and diffusers are made of 100% post-consumer recycled content derived from plastic bottles. The Unifi Repreve recycled fibers, used in the manufacture of the fabric, are flame-retardant and antimicrobial. The fabric also features an open weave with micro-perforations to limit dust buildup and improve fan efficiency. Continue reading

Magna T-Cell™ Open Plenum Ceiling System from Rockfon

magna t cell system rockfon 0 surface materials

The Magna T-Cell ceiling system from Rockfon is an attractive modular design that is perfect for breaking up large expanses of ceilings with staggered elevations. It is an open plenum masking system composed of open cells, made from U shaped blades, that are assembled into open squares. The system is available in two different patterns and in a wide range of finish options including painted colors, wood-look and metal finishes. Continue reading

Norament Satura Rubber Floor Covering from Nora

norament satura colors 0 tile floor coverings

This new Norament rubber floor covering, with its high color saturation, was created to intensify moods, stimulate or to provide a calming effect. The aim was to produce a product line with made-to-measure solutions that would provide a wide spectrum of creative possibilities. The rubber flooring, with it’s unique light reflecting and subtle textured surface, is available in two different palettes with 32 colors that create an impression of pure clear color. Continue reading

ErgoSystem® “Barrier Free Living” from FSB

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The ErgoSystem® by FSB is a streamlined and beautifully designed product range that helps to make the day-to-day experience in the bath easier. The system, primarily oriented towards the needs of the disabled and elderly, also contains products designed for anyone who would like more convenience in the bath. The company has combined their expertise in the area of door handles with the laws of ergonomics to the design of the diagonal-oval ErgoSystem. Continue reading