Welded Vinyl Fabrics from ATN Vinyl

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This attractive welded vinyl material from ATN, most commonly used for upholstery and wallcoverings, is very durable with high tear strength, scratch resistance and UV resistance. It is free of many pollutants and is generally resistant to such common elements as perspiration, urine, saliva, salt water and bacteria. The material has a foam backing which is bonded and embossed with a high-frequency welding technology. Continue reading

Mr Blow Wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper

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If you are looking for something to make a statement or for an accent wall you definitely should check out this site. Leslie Landis the owner, of this California shop, showcases charming, exclusive lines of wallpapers and fabrics. From disco inspired designs, to children’s papers, to modern and sleek styles you’re sure to find it here. When commenting to a friend on Facebook about my fascination with the Blow Fish I found on the the beach as a child, she sent me this link. Continue reading

Stripes and Metal Tints Basketweave Collections from Chilewich

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Stripes and Metal Tints are two new Basketweave floor and wallcovering collections introduced by Chilewich. Stripes contains a carefully planned sequence of nine individual colors with an overall tonal effect of nine individual colors. The collection, woven with TerraStrand, is available in four colorways. The collection is also available in Plynyl Tiles, Wall to Wall Flooring, Floor Mats and Wall Textiles. Continue reading