Endless Straight and Woody Endless from Roll and Hill

endless straight acrylic black RH 0 lighting

Endless is a modular LED lighting system, inspired by the Supergraphics of the 1970’s, is made of half-cylinder sections that are joined together back-to-back. The system is flexible in that it can be hung as a pendant, to define space or to create a three dimensional installation with the corner units that are also available. Both the Endless Straight and the Woody Endless are available as 3 unit and 5 unit fixtures and come with black, bronze, polished aluminum and brushed brass trim. Continue reading

Poppy Paper Hanging Lamp from Hive

poppy lamps hive 01 lighting

The lovely Poppy lamp collection designed by Christy Manguerra is comprised of individually hand-folded paper blossoms. The delicate looking blossoms are attached to each other and then wired to a metal frame forming floral ball with feminine grace. The hanging lamp is available in three sizes, large with a 39-3/8″D, medium with a 31-1/2″D and a small with a 23-1/2″D. Continue reading

Three Woven Wire Mesh Products from Banker Wire

S 15 kitchen cabinetry banker wire 0 surface materials

Featured are three elegant and stylish woven wire mesh patterns from an outstanding selection of Banker Architectural product available. Inspired by a turn-of-the-century home restoration project, the S-15 pattern provides a unique reflective surface created by the construction of the flat stainless steel woven wire. Although there is a high percentage of open area, the flat wire provides a mass and substance to the mesh. Continue reading