Patch Acoustic Panels from StokkeAustad

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These outstanding acoustic panels were created by the Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad design studio, based in Oslo, Norway. Patch is a series of graphically designed panels comprised of several different textiles from the textile producer Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk. Each panel is enhanced with additional materials, such as mirrors, brass and Norwegian stone. Continue reading

Syntesis® Line Sliding Pocket Door System from Eclisse

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Syntesis® Line is a new sliding pocket door system without jambs and architraves that combines a clean, functional aesthetic with practical features. The pocket wall has a strong, cleverly designed interior structure that supports a sleek external profile that can also house sockets and switches. The door integrates perfectly with the wall, harmonizing colors and patterns, for a perfect synthesis between technology and design. Continue reading

Solid Color Laminate Collection from Lamin-Art

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A recent introduction from Lamin-Art is a collection of thirty decorative laminate options in two new and exclusive finishes: Vellum and Diamond. Vellum has a parchment-like finish and is available in 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′ sheets. Diamond has a high-gloss finish, is available in 4′ x10′ sheets and is recommended for vertical/low-wear applications only. Continue reading

Sea Glass Mosaic Collection from New Ravenna

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The Sea Glass™ collection consists of eight stunning mosaic designs hand crafted by artisans on the Eastern shore of Virginia. Inspiration came from the silky smooth beach glass, smoothed by years of waves and sand, found on walks along the shore. Reproducing this silky matte finish on the Sea Glass™ collection has now made it possible to create glass mosaics for the floor. Continue reading

P7350 Kitchen from Poggenpohl

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Continuing their design philosophy of functional perfection and innovative materials, Poggenpohl and Porsche Design Studio have created the unique P7350 kitchen. Using leading-edge, high-precision manufacturing techniques, the beautifully engineered and mitered cabinetry is covered with a stainless steel-effect aluminum profile. Horizontal meets the vertical on the cabinet fronts finished with, solid stainless steel-effect brushed aluminum, vertical trim blades. Continue reading

Architectural Hardware from Izé

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Izé, a London-based company, has partnered with a number of architects, artists and designers internationally to develop new hardware and lighting products. Working in any material, prototypes are created and then produced in the UK and Europe. In addition to knobs, pulls, tabs and levers they also produce a range of early twentieth century Modernist designs. The company is able to work at any scale and on any building type, from the smallest house extension to the largest hotel or public building. Continue reading

“Origami” Ceramic Art Wall Tile from Agrob Buchtal

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The newly revised ChromaPlural color system, with its conclusive UNICOLOR color system, is a ceramic tile system whose colors and formats are based on a modular structure and carefully matched to each other. This modular ceramic system offers architects and planners a high degree of design freedom for comprehensive concepts and at the same time supports the conclusive architectural use of color and form. Continue reading