Unique Natural Paints from Sidney Paint Company

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Sydney Harbour Paint Company offers unique, durable and easy to apply wall finishes for both interior and exterior environments. Made by hand by Porter’s Paints based in Australia, the artisan paints are still hand made by traditional methods and to original formulations. The paints and finishes have been created to ensure beautiful texture and depth of color, whether inside or outside the home and regardless of style. The company also has been an industry innovator in the development of special finishes, especially their metallic range. Continue reading

Earth, Clay for Architecture from Matteo Brioni

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Earth is the most ancient of building materials, a beautiful, hypoallergenic and versatile as well as contemporary material. As a building material it is composed of a compound of clay and natural aggregates, that is simply left to air-dry without the necessity of firing. The mixture is simply made by adding water to make bricks, compounds for slabs, fills, plasters and finishes. Continue reading

Axolotl Terracotta from Axolotl

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In another industry first, Axolotl are excited to launch the award winning Axolotl Terracotta. Replicating the natural aesthetic of terracotta perfectly, Axolotl Terracotta is simpler and more cost effective than traditional processes. It retains the integrity of natural terracotta with variance in texture and color, whilst enabling it to be utilized in designs never before considered possible. Continue reading

DuraPure Finishes from Conestoga Wood

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Conestoga Wood Specialties, in partnership with Sherwin-Williams, has introduced their DuraPure program of sustainable, formaldehyde-free finish options. Not only does the line of sealers and topcoats eliminate concerns of formaldehyde off gassing, having achieved Greenguard certification, the line contains UV inhibitors that slow the impact of UV rays on wood. Continue reading

Plant Based Sustainable Paint from Green Planet Paints

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Green Planet Paints® is a truly sustainable tough, durable, long lasting and easy to apply high-performance interior paint. This premium line of earth-friendly paints has been taken to a new level with the rich complexity of mineral pigments and leading edge plant chemistry. There are three vibrant finishes available, Flat, Eggshell, satin* and Semigloss*, in 48 standard colors and expanding up to 120 mineral and clay based colors. The company also has the ability to color match almost any non-synthesized color. Continue reading

Specialty Paints and Finishes from Sydney Harbor Paints

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The Sydney Harbor Paint Company provides unique finishes with beautiful texture and depth of color for both interior and exterior applications. Using only the finest of raw materials, the paints are made by hand by their parent company, Porter’s Paints, based in Australia. The company is an industry leader in the development of special finishes, especially their stunning metallic range. An authentic rusted iron effect can be created with Liquid Iron and Instant Rust (first image). Continue reading

Grandezza Metal Spatula Wall Coatings from Volimea

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The Antique Brass wall finish from Volimea is the newest addition to their Grandezza Metal Spatula series. The decorative metallic coatings are applied with diverse spatula techniques to create either smooth or textured effects on interior walls and ceilings. The antique brass look is achieved by applying a basic spatula in thin, long and smooth strokes.  When dry the entire surface is coated with steel spatula and on the following day the brass is added as an activator, in a 3:1 mix. Continue reading