Murano Collection from Giovanni Barbieri

Murano Glass Patch giovanni barbieri 0

The gorgeous Murano Collection by Giovanni Barbieri is comprised of historical Italian materials such as hand-made Tuscan terracotta and Venetian Murano glass combined with natural stones. The outstanding designs feature a curved three dimensional surface of Murano glass in relief that creates a shimmering light on the surface when back lit and when not lit the surface remains monochromatic. Continue reading

Decorative Metal Panels from Parasoleil

parasoleil 0

This unique line of architectural metal panels has been developed by Parasoleil for shade covers, partitions, privacy screens, railing inserts as well as exterior cladding. When the panels are used for shade canopies or for screening, they not only filter and sculpt light with beautiful filigree patterns, but also increase air circulation. Continue reading

Decorative Metal Laminated Panels from Pure Paper

metal pure paper 0

In collaboration with the French company Ober, Patrick Norguet has designed a new collection of decorative metal laminated panels enriching the Pure Paper line. Comprised of laminated paper and metal, the panels are textured geometric designs in subtle monochromes. The color palette is composed of brass tones, stainless, pewter or gunmetal and available in brushed, glossy or milled finishes, depending on the color. Continue reading

Decorative 3-Dimensional Wall Panels from Pladec

origami panel pladec 0

Pladec is a new Portugese design and manufacturer of decorative interior wall panels. Their unique MDF panels are three dimensional; some are carved, some are modular and some contain a variety of textural elements as well as continuous patterns. There is a wide choice of panel products to choose from that are available in a range of colors, textures, sizes and finishes. Continue reading

Gild and Glint Metallic Designs from 3form

gild full circle 3form 1

Inspired by the old-world look of metallic foiling, Gild and Glint are two new unique designs with a contemporary twist, introduced by 3form and added to their Full Circle collection. Drawn by the rich heritage of handcraft, color and texture found in Indonesia and in collaboration with local artisans, both designs have to bring an old-world feel to Varia Ecoresin. Continue reading