Natural Stone and Tile from Soli LandSurfaces

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The Soli LandSurfaces showroom was specifically developed as a source of natural stone product for landscape architects and hard-scape designers. An outstanding curated assortment of stone product, including custom quarried stone, porphyry, veneers, terra cotta, pavers, tile, ledger stone and reclaimed architectural elements, are offered in a variety of handsome finishes. There is also an exclusive collection of stunning Encaustic tiles offered, for interior and exterior pedestrian areas only. Continue reading

PermaSlab™ Pavers from SureSet

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The PermaSlab paver material was developed to provide the benefits of permeable resin bound aggregate surfacing in a standard sized paver of approx 20″ x 20″ x 1-1/2″. The PermaSlab material is very durable, UV-stable, is resistant to frost and oil damage to ensure an attractive long lasting appearance. The pavers also have a slip resistant surface and are easy to cut, which saves laying time. Continue reading

Natural Stone Tile Pavers from Dunis Stone


Dunis Stone is a supplier of cutting edge architectural natural stone product for both interior and exterior application. Their solid granite pavers and natural stone tile are offered in a full range of innovative patterns and geometric shapes. The product is produced in flamed, honed, polished or custom finishes. The pavers are offered in standard Tight Fit edges or in Sparkle that has deep polished bevels on all edges that reflect light. Continue reading

Deep Blue Pavers from Charles Luck

blue pavers charles luck

These unusual Deep Blue paving stones from Charles Luck can provide a weathered, aged look in a dark palette. The stone is a smoky greenish-grey marble with traces of blue and brown, when wet the colors are intensified and its white veining is highlighted. Although it is normal to see some fissures with crystals and veins that are concentrations of white and clear calcite this doesn’t affect the durability, maintenance or beauty of the stone. Continue reading

Green Roof Pavers from Green Roof Blocks

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Green Roof Blocks is a manufacturer of roof garden modules and paks that offer an excellent product for green roof systems. One of the newest products is their Green Roof Pavers made from 100% post-consumer recycled tires. The 24″ x 24″ pavers have been designed to fit into the company’s modular vegetative roof systems. Continue reading

Grey to Green Pavers from S:TERKS

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Designed by Caroline Brahme, Grey to Green is a very simple award winning concept that is essentially paving slabs with holes built into them. Since nature already pushes plants and weeds through the pavement, these holes can be filled with soil allowing plants or grasses to grow through them. Right now, the world is facing the largest wave of urban growth in history; however, the cities depend on nature’s ecosystem to function properly. Continue reading

Recycled Stone Products from Greenstone

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Greenstone is a manufacturer of solid granite pavers and split face tile. All of their product is sourced locally in the Atlanta area and is produced with 100% post industrial waste produced by countertop fabricators. Each week the waste is picked up and brought to the company’s facility in Winder, GA diverting over 40,000 pounds of granite countertop scrap from landfills. Continue reading