Apollo II Solar-Roofing System from CertainTeed

Apollo with Solaris - Crystal Gray
Apollo with Solaris – Crystal Gray

CertainTeed’s Apollo II Solar Roofing is a versatile enhanced system of photovoltaic panels that combines maximum power with the ability to install directly on new or existing roofs. The lightweight, low and slim panels do not require any structural reinforcement and provide a clean integrated look. Continue reading

Solstice Solar Roofing System from CertainTeed

solstice certainteed

The Solstice Solar Roofing System, introduced by CertainTeed in early 2013, is an extremely efficient, durable and aesthetically pleasing mono-crystalline PV system. The rack mounted high-performance modules can easily be installed onto either a low-slope or high-slope roof. Each module weighs 47 pounds and contains 60 solar cells that produce a power rating of 250 watts. Continue reading

Steel Shake Roofing from Matterhorn Metal Roofing

metal shake rfg matterhorn 0

Matterhorn’s Shake style metal roofing provides classic beauty and charm, as well as an element of weathered age, to the exterior of a home. The varying heights of the individual shakes have a hand-crafted warm and rustic style that can contribute to the storybook character of a cottage style house. Authentically crafted in steel, the shake panels have a long life, contain recycled content and are 100% recyclable. Continue reading

Composite Slate Roof Tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes


DaVinci Roofing offers a complete line of natural looking, durable and easy to install synthetic slate roofing tiles. Developed with state-of-the-art engineered polymer chemistry, these tiles are approximately half the installed cost of natural slate shingles, are lightweight, freeze/thaw resistant, fire rated, impact rated and wind resistant to 110 mph. A palette of 23 earth tones is the foundation of the multi-width slate tile blend, each with eight different tones per blend, for a more authentic look. Continue reading

Solar Glass Roof Tile System from SolTech Energy

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The SolTech System from SolTech Energy is a unique and award winning new way of integrating solar energy into a building. The Swedish company has developed a roof tile made out of ordinary transparent glass with approximately the same weight as a clay tile. The system only heats clean air and does not heat up water or vacuum pipes as most of the  solar collectors do. The glass roof tiles are installed over an absorbing black nylon canvas under which air slots are mounted. The black color absorbs the sun’s heat, the hot air starts to circulate and then heats water connected to a heating system via an accumulator. Continue reading

Roof Systems for Outdoor Living from Apollo Opening Roof

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The Apollo Opening Roof is a unique and innovative system that not only provides protection from the rain but also provides solar control for energy savings. The louvers can be oriented in any direction for maximum control over the sunlight. They can be opened during the winter months to allow solar heat gain or opened slightly in warmer weather to allow for natural ventilation and additional cooling. Continue reading

“Firelight” Roof Ventilation System from Colt Group

firelight ventilation system colt 2

This striking, faceted 11,000 sq meter roof surface was designed by the architects at Benthem Crouwel with the Firelight ventilation system from Colt. The 22 meter high roof, which almost appears as a fifth facade, was conceived as a rhomboid structure in steel and glass. Each of the tulip shaped modules are comprised of four triangular flap smoke and heat exhaust ventilators. Continue reading

Cool Angle Energy Efficient Roofing from Cool Angle


The Cool Angle® asphalt shingle technology not only improves solar reflectivity it combines energy efficiency with design aesthetics. Most of the roof coatings developed to reflect the sun’s rays can be seen from the street detracting from the overall design of a house. The Cool Angle shingle retains the look of traditional, dark colored asphalt shingles when viewed from the ground and when seen from above they appear white. Continue reading