Exterior + Sky Light Shade Systems from Crown Shade

motorized exterior shade system crown 1

From exterior windows and patio covers, to screened-in porches and outdoor restaurant dining areas, the Crown Shade Company can now provide a solution to a sun problem. There is a full range of product in their line including cable guided, crank operated solar shades, to motorized systems, with side tracks for added insect and wind protection. They also offer custom designed tensioned shading product for skylights, atrium’s, sun rooms, greenhouses and bottom-up applications. Continue reading

Roof Systems for Outdoor Living from Apollo Opening Roof

opening roof 0

The Apollo Opening Roof is a unique and innovative system that not only provides protection from the rain but also provides solar control for energy savings. The louvers can be oriented in any direction for maximum control over the sunlight. They can be opened during the winter months to allow solar heat gain or opened slightly in warmer weather to allow for natural ventilation and additional cooling. Continue reading

Circle Mesh from Banker Wire


Banker Wire has created Circle Mesh the first-ever woven metal fabric with circular patterns The Circle Mesh out-performs perforated metal circle patterns by delivering industry-leading quality, sustainability and the aesthetic appeal of architectural mesh. The never seen before circular weaves are woven with the same wire as traditional architectural mesh, but instead is crimped by a spiral machine around a fixed point. Continue reading

Woven and Welded Wire Mesh from Banker Wire

Established in 1896 in the Milwaukee area, Banker Wire today is a world leader in the manufacture of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. Their facility is one of the most modern and productive mills in the U.S. and through their investment in their people and equipment they continue to grow and evolve providing value based products. Continue reading