Exterior + Sky Light Shade Systems from Crown Shade

motorized exterior shade system crown 1

From exterior windows and patio covers, to screened-in porches and outdoor restaurant dining areas, the Crown Shade Company can now provide a solution to a sun problem. There is a full range of product in their line including cable guided, crank operated solar shades, to motorized systems, with side tracks for added insect and wind protection. They also offer custom designed tensioned shading product for skylights, atrium’s, sun rooms, greenhouses and bottom-up applications. Continue reading

Custom Perforated Facade from RMIG

The “Marthashof” residential units in Berlin have been clad in decorative custom perforated sheet metal panels with folding shutters. The unique Wisteria design is by Grüntuch Ernst architects and the custom perforated panels were produced by RMIG for Colt who supplied the vertical shutters. Continue reading

S1E Eco-Screen from Centor Architectural

Centor Architectural claims S1E Eco-Screen is the first large horizontal retractable screen and blind system for windows and doors. The single or multi-function system is available for any large opening up to 24’ wide and 10’ high and has two fabric types available, Insect Mesh and Solar (UV) for blind control. The solar control blind can also double as a projection screen for indoor or outdoor viewing. Continue reading

Daytec Light Guidance Blinds from durlum

The Daytec light guidance blinds made by durlum have been designed for both sun protection and daylight control. The incoming light is directed by the adjustment of the slat angles to reduce glare and create an even light within the space. The blind is flexible in that it is divided into two sections that can be controlled individually so that the lower portion can be closed to avoid glare and the upper portion remain open to direct light into the room. Continue reading

Sun Controller Roller Shades from Mariak

sun controller solar roller shades mariak

The light filtering qualities of sun control fabrics diffuse light, reduce glare and help control interior temperatures to make any room a more comfortable environment. Additionally, since they diffuse light they also help reduce the fading of textiles and interior furnishings as well as reducing the amount of solar heat gain. Through years of manufacturing experience Mariak has developed shading solutions for every application from a simple chain operated clutch control to motorized network integration. Continue reading