Apollo II Solar-Roofing System from CertainTeed

Apollo with Solaris - Crystal Gray
Apollo with Solaris – Crystal Gray

CertainTeed’s Apollo II Solar Roofing is a versatile enhanced system of photovoltaic panels that combines maximum power with the ability to install directly on new or existing roofs. The lightweight, low and slim panels do not require any structural reinforcement and provide a clean integrated look. Continue reading

Solar Glass Roof Tile System from SolTech Energy

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The SolTech System from SolTech Energy is a unique and award winning new way of integrating solar energy into a building. The Swedish company has developed a roof tile made out of ordinary transparent glass with approximately the same weight as a clay tile. The system only heats clean air and does not heat up water or vacuum pipes as most of the  solar collectors do. The glass roof tiles are installed over an absorbing black nylon canvas under which air slots are mounted. The black color absorbs the sun’s heat, the hot air starts to circulate and then heats water connected to a heating system via an accumulator. Continue reading

Plug ’n Save PV Solar Shutters from PNS Energy

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The PV Solar Shutter from Plug ’n Save Energy Products is a custom-designed, power-producing window shutter that provides homeowners the ability to create their own energy on a smaller scale. Set in louvers, photovoltaic cells collect power from the sun, and, using grid-tie inverter technology channel it directly into the building’s electrical system. The shutters are portable and install in the same way as conventional window coverings. Continue reading

Axolotl House: Corymbia from Axolotl

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In April of this year I made a post about Axolotl, an international pioneer of innovative and creative metal, concrete, glass and timber products, based in Australia.  I recently received this announcement from them and although I don’t normally post architectural work I found this to be so lovely I couldn’t resist sharing.

“We are excited to introduce our next venture into the world of stylish living with the launch of Axolotl House in the Hunter Valley.
Corymbia is a private guest-house set high on the hill surrounded by ancient Angophoras and Corymbias with views through Eucalypts and over the vineyards. Located only 160 kilometres or 2 hours drive north of Sydney near the township of Broke. Continue reading

Solar Sunlight in Every Room from Parans

With the Parans solar lighting collection system consisting of a receiver, cabling and six luminaries the sun can be brought into a space that does not have access to natural light. The system which is mounted outdoors tracks the sun and with its special lenses can deliver up to 6,000 lumens or 14 standard 40W lamps via cables to a luminary up to 20m away. Continue reading

EcoWhisper Turbine from RESU Ltd

The EcoWhisper Turbine developed by Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Ltd, features a solid composition that can withstand winds as much as 118 mph and is able to generate up to 32,000 kw hours a year. The turbine was designed to offset medium to large energy requirements and is ideal for homes and urban areas. Continue reading