Natural Stone and Tile from Soli LandSurfaces

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The Soli LandSurfaces showroom was specifically developed as a source of natural stone product for landscape architects and hard-scape designers. An outstanding curated assortment of stone product, including custom quarried stone, porphyry, veneers, terra cotta, pavers, tile, ledger stone and reclaimed architectural elements, are offered in a variety of handsome finishes. There is also an exclusive collection of stunning Encaustic tiles offered, for interior and exterior pedestrian areas only. Continue reading

Granith Natural Granite Surfacing from TheSize

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Classic meets contemporary in Granith, a new line of natural granites for countertops, floors and walls, from the Spanish manufacturer TheSize. According to the company their granite is carefully selected from controlled quarries in Angola, Brazil and Zimbabwe and produced within stringent guidelines throughout the supply chain. The Granith is available with a polished finish on all 11 colors and a satin finish on its brown/amber surface. Continue reading

Marmoreal Engineered Marble from Dzek

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Developed by the British designer Max Lamb, in collaboration with Santamargherita, Marmoreal is an engineered stone that contains large pieces of four Veronese marbles. Selected by Lamb, to celebrate the color and texture as well as the stones historical context, is Rosso Verona, Giallo Mori, Verde Alpi and Bianco Verona. The Bianco Verona, which is characterized by its opacity and textural flatness, is used as the background of Marmoreal White as it provides the best contrast to support the strong colors of the three other marbles. Continue reading

Baycliff Caulfield Limestone from Stone Source

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Baycliff, one of the hardest and most durable limestones for construction use, is quarried from its namesake quarry in England and is available from Stone Source. The Baycliff collection is from the company’s Select Range and is available in ten colorways. Caulfield (pictured) is a buff colored limestone with light coffee mottling that is available in honed and flamed finishes. Continue reading

Lavastone and Cotto Decorative Tile from Made a Mano

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Made a Mano has combined ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques to create a stunning series of decorative tile, countertops, sinks, etc. Made with the natural stone, their collections are worked, glazed and decorated completely by hand. The stone, which can be polished, sawn, fluted and aged, is produced in single slabs, as well as cut into tiles of varying shapes and sizes. Continue reading