Stunning Recycled Wood Tile from Everitt & Schilling

reclaimed barnwood tile e s 11 wood tile

With four generations in flooring and homebuilding the owners of Everitt & Schilling have continued to preserve the heritage and beauty of the West through their innovative and beautiful recycled wood wall tiles.

reclaimed barnwood tile e s 2 wood tile

reclaimed brick barnwood e and s tile 3 wood tile

They offer an outstanding selection of recycled Barnwood in 4” x 4” tile, 2” x 8” bricks, 2” x 2” mosaic tile and 4” x 8” tile brick.  In addition they also offer Trail Mix an up-cycled product from cabinet and door cut-offs.

upcycled wood tile e s tile 4 wood tile

This product is composed of 2” high pieces in 6”, 8” and 10” lengths with varying depths of species and color and can be made up of a single wood species or with a mix of several.  The wood is available unfinished, with a satin finish or paint grade.

Everitt and Schilling Tile