Cottage Screed, Concrete and Stone Collection from Steuler Fliesen

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Cottage is a new porcelain collection that mixes the rough surface finish of concrete with stone and screed for an attractive and sophisticated look. To compliment the raw look of the basic concrete tiles there are nine delicate, vintage style decorative tiles in the collection. When these embellished tile are combined with the basic tile, they don’t just introduce a counterpoint, they provide an eye catching focal point in a space. Continue reading

Shades of Gray Mosaic Collection from New Ravenna

Kelp Forest, a water jet glass mosaic, shown in Alabaster.

New Ravenna is presenting a lovely collection of stone and glass mosaics in varying shades of gray, designed by Sara Baldwin. The designs are all hand crafted one piece at a time, and are either custom for each installation, or they are part of the Studio Line. According to Sara Baldwin, the company’s founder and creative director, gray is one of the fascinating colors in nature’s spectrum. Continue reading

Opus Collection Inlaid Marble from Lithos Design

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The new Opus Collection is an innovative and creative approach to classical marble inlay work in a variety of stone hues. There are 25 types of marble, 5 patterns and 12 color ranges offered at this time in a 23.6″ x 23.6″ tile module. The tiles can be installed on walls and floors in either a continuous pattern or a study in contrast. Continue reading