Viscaya II 3D Glass Mosaics from Nemo Tile

viscaya 11 3d glass yellow-green nemo 0

Slick glass enters the third dimension with Viscaya II 3D. Building on the success of the Viscaya line, it offers the same comprehensive range of sizes and bold, saturated hues, but is enhanced with beg-to-be-touched textures. 3D mosaics mix rectangular tesserae in varying thicknesses on 12-by-12-inch mesh sheets, for graphic dimensionality on walls. Continue reading

Imago Collection from Agrob Buchtal

imago agrob buchtal 1

A temporary work of art preserved in ceramic, the sophisticated Imago collection was inspired by oyster shells, shell textures and the sandy patterns found by the seashore. Playing with the designs of temporary sand formations, the series features bright and natural colors with highlights set by the structured and semi-polished porcelain stoneware. Continue reading

Chaine Femme, Runway Collection from FireclayTile

chaine femme fireclay 0

The Chaine Femme pattern is a chain-mail inspired tile featuring an interlocking geometric silhouette. The design, one of the company’s favorite from their Runway Collection, is perfect for alternating contrasting shades. The couture inspired tile, in all of Fireclay’s tropical hues, would be perfect to add a coastal look to a kitchen or bath. The featured Sea Foam tile provides just the right amount of tropical color without going over the top. Continue reading

Aventis 3plus Thinner Porcelain from Florida Tile

adventis florida tile 0

A new coordinating Thinner line has been added to Aventis, one of Florida Tile’s newest porcelain tile products. The porcelain tile, which was inspired by the gritty urban landscape, defines contemporary design with a six color palette of strong Grey and Olive tones. Created with the latest technology, the Thinner line not only has the appearance of concrete, but also performs to the highest industrial standard of this age-old building material. Monochromatic in their overall tone, the colors range from a Creamy Beige (Cotton) to a Dark Black (Eclipse). Continue reading

Contemporary Cement Tile Collections from Bisazza

contemporary cement tiles bisazza 0

The latest launch from Bisazza is a new collection of trendy cement tile from the French architect and designer India Mahdavi, this week at Salone del Mobile. The collection follows in the footsteps of Jaime Hayon, Carlo Dal Bianco and Paola Navone who created the very first cement tile collections for Bisazza seven months ago. The handmade cement tiles are produced by Bisazza in Tunisia where they have been made for generations. Continue reading