Topo Collection Artisan Tile from Clayhaus Ceramics

topo collection aperture clayhaus ceramics 0 tile

Clayhaus Ceramics is a new company started by Jason and Megan Coleman in Portland, OR offering handmade ceramic products. Their beautiful tiles are made with a renewable energy source and 50% post-consumer, recycled glass bottles in their crackle glazes. The tile is available in an excellent array of colors in several shapes and sizes. The company ships all of their tile in materials made of recycled corrugated paper and cornstarch peanuts.

topo collection iris bulbous clayhaus ceramics 1 tile

In addition all of the seconds and usable broken tiles are donated to various art programs maintained by local schools. Pictured are two unique designs from the Topo collection, created exclusively for Clayhaus by the noted Portland designer Stephanie Dyer, suggesting imaginary landscape. The first image is Aperture in Oyster White and the second is Iris Bulbous in Lemon Ice.

Clayhaus Ceramics