Unique Marble and Terrazzo Pavers from Soli LandSurfaces

marble tile carved marble utamoro1 500x346 tile pavers landscape flooring

Soli LandSurfaces is an exclusive showroom for landscape architects and hard-scape designers providing outstanding product from around the world. Two of the many outstanding products offered is their Marble and Terrazzo series. The Marble is available in tiles in four lovely colors, Carved Marble in six beautiful patterns and Marble veneer in two colors for vertical applications.

products terrazzo etched patterns calabria grigio tile pavers landscape flooring

Pictured is a Carved Marble tile, available in six patterns and two sizes, suitable for interior and exterior flooring and an Etched Terrazzo tile available in three colors and two patterns that form repetitive patterns when installed in groups of four. The Etched Terrazzo patterns are created by sandblasting the negative space on the tile which results in graceful, flowing lines. The Terrazzo is also available in three solid colored tiles;  both  are suitable for interior and exterior pedestrian areas only.

Soli LandSurfaces